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General web company web design services, the cost does not include hosting services, the final hidden charges tend to be higher than the budget! CM2800 exclusive design page has included the necessary services, suitable for most of the customers needs. At the discount price, for your page with the ideal design.
CM2800 content include :
‧ fixed 7 units of A4 size of the page production ‧ 1 page template selection
‧ The number of product photos is 20 sheets ‧ Static banners design 1
‧ Automatic email response form 1 ‧ Trademark production 1 (plain text)
In addition to CM2800, there are other value-added services, some concessions to send more:
First year web hosting service (hosting service includes this web page database)
Do not provide FTP services, such as the need to provide FTP services, plus HK $ 1500 a year (capacity 1G)
Pop3 email service 10
Searchers such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, and so on
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Note: If you need senior designer planning and design, can be quoted separately
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Angel's Aroma
NailNail HK
HK Baby Sitter

In today's society is an indispensable part of the Internet, the company is more necessary in the company supplies, web pages in addition to show your company's business and products, but also can help you enhance the company's image to build online brand, and through the website you more Can access to overseas customers, improve the company turnover, so the page is said to be a company indispensable things. If your company does not have a company website, imagine what would you lose? Exposure to overseas customers? Build brand channels? Opportunities to increase turnover? All think of all! If your company has not yet a website, then do not immediately set up a trip? Of course, online companies choose to categorize companies, how to choose is the best? In terms of web pages, there are a few things to note:
Does the web need to be beautifully designed and innovative?
What is the use of the page?
Will the page store a lot of products?
Will the website inform the customer of the company's movements?  
The company provides CM2800 web design services to help you build a company website, professional design, provide a different design, a wonderful match to take care of every customers needs. If you do not have the experience of designing web pages, we have someone to come to guide the customers from Start to Finish. Whether we show company products or introduce company information, we can provide first-class web design technique, follow up to the design of the whole process by the Hong Kong people to follow up.

Have you ever tried to finish your website? Aim web design provides first-class customer service record, even if the page is completed, you can e-mail or telephone with the customer attendant in office hours communication, Aim web design also provides web backup service, Use the backup time for the website for free updates, but also free monthly backup for yourr website, do not worry about loss of web information.

Our experience is quite rich in the past has done the company's website has been thousands, including small and medium-sized enterprises, regardless of all walks of life in terms of CM2800 is definitely the first choice for the company's website, charge affordable, but also want to please contact us as soon as possible : 22430803.