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AIM is a facebook marketing expert, we are committed to the facebook so that customers get the greatest benefits. We offer a variety of facebook sales service, set up by the page, increase the fans, landmark management and the establishment of applications, we are one by one to help you.

Praise the promotion strategy
Step 1 An increase of 5,000 worldwide fans Increase awareness, attract more people pay attention to the page
Step 2 Add 1,000 designated area fans More potential customers, driving discussion space

Increase the number of fans, how to use
             This opportunity to add more fans ?


1. Share your posts on friends' pages
2. Friend received notice
3. The user will receive an email and will not be in the spam box

success case(1) - myDress
Effectiveness gains

A short period of time to increase the success of more than 100,000 + number of silk, of which women accounted for 96%

Use Facebook Fan Page to create a fashion women's brand image

90% of the company's annual sales promotion from Facebook

Success stories (2) - Vemma Vemma joined the network
Effectiveness gains

A short period of time to increase the number of successful 1000

Promote business growth through fan page, build brand image and develop more potential customers

The use of fans who posted on the page greeting, so that they become the brand's spokesperson, so that more friends who know the company

Successful case (c) - small fish Fuzhou fish pill series
Effectiveness gains

A short period of time the success of the increase in the number of 6000 + silk

Pages continue to increase the number of people, the company's reputation is relatively improved, the page traffic is also growing steadily

Through the continuous manufacturing to attract sexual topics, and fans to share the latest developments, to attract attention

Success stories (4) - Dr. Wigs really developed
Effectiveness gains

A short period of time to increase the number of successful 1000

The company's latest products and services to promote the group, to enhance sales and increase market share

Leave more potential customers to the company's website to make more business

Success Story (5) - China White & Wine
Effectiveness gains

Using Facebook Fan Page to establish the company's brand image, to enhance the visibility around the world

The success of the company's performance continued to grow 20%, but also for the store to bring 25% of consumer growth

Get 80% of page traffic growth, of which 90% from Facebook promotion

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