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CM exclusive web design
Build a professional commercial website is the top priority for online business. Exclusive design can fit the need of most customers.
Charges from HKD2800
shopping system
SS online shop system
Professional online shop, unlimited product display with the support of online kart and different payment gateways. Comprehensive functions is good for online business.
Charges from HKD5888
WEBWEB self-service website
Intelligent automatic website design can easily build a professional website with unlimited pages, unlimited content, unlimited times of update, to reduce the production cost.
Charges from HKD500
FACEBOOK page design
To establish a professional brand in social media, an endearing and simple structure to present your message is very important. Our Facebook designer can help you.
Charges from HKD2800
social networks
SN Social media website promotion
Show up in the social network is the most effective way for online promotion. It can reach billion customers easily. Contact our SN promotion professions immediately.
Charges from HKD1000
SEO search optimization service
Increase the population and velocity of the website; increase the search ranking in Yahoo, Google, Baidu, etc; to get target customers.
Charges from HKD3500
PPC Pay per click promotion
Offers search engine marketing promotion of Yahoo, Google, Baidu. Pay per click saves cost of online promotion and therefore increase the investment return rate.
Charges from HKD1000
EDM email directmail
Use email promotion to deliver latest news and contact new and old customers. Insert image with html increased the readability and therefore increase the benefit from promotion.
Charges from HKD2000
社交網站推廣 fb add fans bingads google adwords
中國推廣 TVB廣告 免費圖檔
Google AdWords
No matter the target of your advertisement is to get more visitors for your website, increase the number of telephone enquiries on your product or service, or to increase the sales volume, the search engine clicker can effectively achieve your goal.

‧ When target customer search relevant information, they can find your website
‧ You can choose to place your advertisement locally or globally.
‧ Showing the advertisement will not charge you, you only need to pay-per-click.
‧ The advertisement expenditure will never exceed your budget.
Product discount offer function
Administrator can self-define the discount offer for product, such as promotional discount offer, setting coupons
Multiple payment receipt management function
Multiple payment receipt management function
Intelligent product update function
Administrator can process bulky product update by the automatic update system. No need to update the products one by one.
Inventory automatic management function
Pre-set the inventory. When the product is sold out, system will automatically hide the product to avoid refund
Latest news delivery
Deliver latest news regularly on the website, share the information with customers
Unlimited email promotion to members
Deliver members news to registered members to increase the sale volume
All hosting company will sell you the so-called Google Adsense or Yahoo Pay Per Click but never mentioned about what is SEO. Why?

It is because if Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success, your keyword will become the 1st ranking in the search engine, your website will never need to pay a dollar for the online advertisement but to enjoy the huge benefit from internet!
Velocity data is valuable for a website. The question is how to get a platform that can quickly, accurately and easily to display all reasonable data in the same interface. Most analysis service in the market is fail in every aspect. The reason is not fast enough, not accurate enough and not user friendly enough. You cannot obtain what you want in relevant service. But the good news is, Show Traffic Analytics can meet your requirement.

AIM web design company is designed for small and medium enterprises and shops to enable customers to use the Internet to promote products and services, which brings unlimited business opportunities. Services include web design, online store, writing procedures, online consultants, online advertising, online marketing and so on. AIM web design company has been adhering to the "constant innovation, excellence" for the purpose of service, "to create unlimited business opportunities for customers" for the mission.

AIM (HONG KONG) LIMITED is a web design consulting firm establish in 2006 by a group of online advertising consultants and web designers; focused in providing web design service, online promotion consultancy and web hosting service for ompanies and organizations in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Philippine and US.

The company exists to create a solution for clients who want to have a package to advertise online with a particular budget. We don't do any hard selling, and we provide suitable web design, promotion plan and website back up service for our advertising clients by doing enough consultation. We strive to create a unique website and efficient promotion. Our service includes SEO, EDM, and PPC and CPA. And, we also provide CMS and shopping system to your website.

-SEO: Raising the website reputation, increasing the traffic of the website, raising the ranking of the search result in Yahoo, Google, and Bing to meet the target customers -EDM: using email to do the promotion by sending the latest information, keeping contact with current and previous customers; embedding picture and linkage on the email to enhance the readability and its advertising benefit. -PPC: providing Yahoo, Google, and Bing market promotion service; saving online advertising cost by setting the limited budget on the particular target to enhance ROI. -Online SMS service: sending SMS to target customers by using an online SMS management system which is easy to send massive SMS and manage the target customers' account.