Aim 網頁 How to open Facebook (Facebook) and advertising services in China

Facebook is the leader of the community website, the number of members has broken 1.5 billion, is the most commonly used overseas social media, can contact millions of potential high-quality customer base, small and medium enterprises have chosen to put ads on the facebook to attract client. Facebook is an effective overseas channel to promote your products and business to the target audience in a short period of time, so that more overseas customers access and purchase your products and services, so that business to expand to more areas.


However, due to the opening of the inconvenience, the current businessmen in the facebook advertising promotion has not yet universal. If you start advertising immediately, can be described as early in the initiative, get the most profit!



In the Mainland to open the facebook and advertising difficulties


Due to the openness of the information on Facebook, China's facebook was reviewed and blocked since 2009, and its banned reason was related to social and political factors. But also can not stop the mainland Internet users on the pursuit of information technology, as well as external communication and opportunities to find opportunities. In the country, people use the VPN over the wall to open a personal account, but to advertise is not so simple, because the mainland temporarily unable to China and real name registration Facebook, so let alone in this platform to advertise , And users use the VPN and other software to log over the wall, often because of landing IP confusion will lead to Facebook account was checked or disabled.


In the establishment of advertising account, the facebook will require the name of the credit card owner and the face book account match. But because the mainland failed to register with the real name, the user simply can not bind the credit card to pay advertising.


Even if you can finally open the account and bind the credit card, based on the provisions of the individual account, advertising will have to increase slowly, so not only a waste of time, but also easy to miss business opportunities. There must be ads in accordance with the provisions of the facebook, if the customer breach of contract terms, their pages and ads may be stopped using the facebook and release. Therefore, to find a reliable experience of the agent is very important.


AIM provides you with a solution to help you grow your business ( Hong Kong advertising company )

AIM as an experienced online advertising company in Hong Kong, one-stop for you to solve the opening of corporate advertising account and advertising and other issues.












For you in Hong Kong to open face book, do not worry about certification
To provide you with no advertising limit business account
Can be used for large recharge, not due to lack of balance was suspended advertising
Add value to your account so that you can set up and run your own ads
Provide suggestions for serving and optimizing your ads
Provide suggestions for serving and optimizing your ads...


AIM for customers in Hong Kong business card account opened, please call China - 86-13512717552 Learn how to open a Facebook business account, let you set up and run your own ads, and immediately promote your business to target customers around the world.


If you are not familiar with setting up a Facebook page and advertising, we will also provide you with one-stop shop advertising:


Set up pages
Facebook design
Write an article
Run different forms of ads and show them to the target audience
Provide page analysis report ( Only in English )


  1. Open facebook business account
  2. Advertising amount recharge
  3. Set up advertising goals
  4. Self-advertising
  5. Evaluate your ad performance
  6. Adjust your ad strategy





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