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AIM Comprehensive social networking site promotion services, understand the existing local market is not enough to meet the requirements of most small and medium enterprises, the product will be extended to overseas markets, the company launched the brand, is no longer difficult to achieve the goal. Specifically for businesses around the world's most popular social networking sites, including facebook, twitter,google+, myspace, Tumblr, inkedin, tagged, bebo, Sina microblogging, all network, qzone, happy network, friends and so on. With our various social networking sites to promote services, the customer company brand image into the international.

Our most popular social networking site promotion service is as follows:


Today, the world's largest social networking sites, more than 1 billion people an average of praise and message 3.2 billion times a year, with hard to imagine a huge exposure, is an important channel to contact the world's customers, is also the best media for viral publicity.
We offer Facebook promotion services, including:
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Facebook Social Ads - Click here for details
Facebook Apps - Click here for details
Open China facebook service - Click here for details

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  Integrated domestic microblogging

With more than 1 billion + registered users, is the best publicity in China, the promotion of the most comprehensive form of coverage, the most mainstream social networking sites, microblogging sharing function allows users to share with other members or friends anytime, anywhere life bit by bit. We understand that the Chinese market is a huge market for businesses. So deliberately promote our UJoin promotion platform, through the platform of precision positioning technology to segment the customer needs, coupled with the special protection of the problem click technology to ensure that the customer is not bad to the advertising through microblogging to share the most suitable Of the community.

We offer a comprehensive domestic microblogging promotion service that includes:
Microblogging integrated service program - Click here for details
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  3th Google+
Is Google's social networking site, through the simple and practical web design interface, by the world and around the public favorite, so that Google+ in a short period of 24 days, they reached 20 million people use, popular moment Two We offer high quality Google+ Circles to help you make the most of your relationship with Google+ and potential customers.

We offer Google+ promotion services, including:
Google +1's

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A popular worldwide social networking site that has more than one 200 million active users are using Twitter, the average daily up to 400 million information sharing spread. Want your business to grow significantly, promote the company's products to target customers, enhance the brand in the international image? Through our Twitter comprehensive promotion services, so you can easily achieve everything you want.

We offer Twitter promotion services, including:
Twitter Followers

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Other social networking site promotion services are as follows:

Is the world's largest online community dating platform, providing free membership space, electronic album, membership blog space, music and video upload member space and other services.
Now the main online social networking site of the main online online community, the number of blogs in the world has reached a large number of 130.6 million, the number of post more than 57.7 billion.
The main user level to commercial customers based social networking services website, now the number of users has reached 175 million, an average of every second has a new member to join.
The United States is the mainstream of the social networking site, the global registered users has more than 300 million, each month there will be 20 million active members on the line.
Is a popular social networking site in the UK, where users can post updates, photos, music, videos, etc. on their personal blog pages.
Is Russia's most popular social networking site, has so far has 150 million + registered users, of which 60% of users are over the age of 25 young people.

Another global popular social networking platform, has reached 115 million + of the user registration, through the platform users and other friends to maintain the latest state of contact.
Is a well-known social networking site, through mutual friends to ask each other can have more understanding. At present, there are already more than 1 billion + questions on the site that have been answered.
Google's other popular social networking platform, through the pictures and messages to maintain the old friendship, but also allows you to contact with people who have never seen in the past, and make friends with them.

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