Aim 網頁 SN Social Network Marketing

AIM synthesized SN promotion service understands the current local market cannot fulfill the need of most SME. It is not a difficult goal now to develop overseas markets and internaionalize your brand. We aim at the most popular SN for our customers, including facebook, twitter, google+, myspace, tumblr, linkedin, tagged, bebo, Sino Weibo,, qzone,,, etc.

We have the most popoular SN promotion as follows:


The largest SN website nowadays in the world. Daily average over 1 billions likes and 3.2 billions messages, having incredible explosure is an important channel for customer who wants to approcah the world. It is also the best SN media for virus promotion.
We offers Facebook promotion, including:
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Facebook advertisement service - click here for details
Facebook Like / Fans - click here for details
Facebook Social Ads - click here for details
Facebook Apps - click here for details
Open the Chinese Facebook - click here for details

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  synthesized Mainland Weibo

Having over 1 billions registered users, it is the mainstream SN website which with the best promotion effect and thorough coverage. The Weibo sharing function allows users share their stuff anytime with other users. We understand that the Mainland market is a great potential market to our customers, therefore we purposely launched Ujoin platform. Through the funciton of accurate positioning, the platform can analyze the needed target of the customer, plus the specific shlter question click technology, we can share the advertisement to specific group of target group accurately.

We offer synthesized Mainland Weibo promotion service, including:
synthesized Weibo solution - click here for details
Ujoin promotion platform - click here for details

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  3th Google+
It is a SN website under Google. The simple and user friendly web page interface are highly appreciated by users. Google+ reached 20 millions usage within only 24 days. We offer quality Google+ Circles service, to let you effectively establish relationship with potential customers, so as to develop your business.

We offer Google+ promotion service, including:
Google +1's

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A global popular SN website which have over 200 millions active users with daily average 400 millions message sharing. If you want to have obvious business growth and increase the international image of your brand, you can easily achieve these goals by using our Twitter synthesized service.

We offer Twitter promotion service, including:
Twitter Followers

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Other SN website promotion service as follows:

The largest SN platform in the world. It offers free member space, e-album, member blog, musics and movies upload to member zone, etc.
The globalized SN website which focus on teenagers. The blogger volume exceed 130.6 millions, and the post volume exceeds 57.7 billions.
Mainly for commercial users. Registered users reached 175 millions, almost 1 new member per second.
The main strream SN website in US. Global registered users over 300 millions. Monthly active members reached 20 millions.
The most popular SN website in UK. Users can update their staus, photos, musics and movies in their personal blog
The most popular SN in Russia. It has 150 millions registered users, of which 60% users aged 25 or above

Another most popular SN platform, which reached 115 millions + users to register. Users can keep close contact and update latest news with their friends through the platform.
A famous SN website. By asking questions, friends can know more on each others. Up to now, there are 10 billions+ questions being answered.
Another popular SN platform under Google, keep the contact by pictures and message. You can even meet someone that your never meet and make friends with them.

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