Aim 網頁 Add BackLinks

Why need to add links?
To proceed the SEO, despite the basic requirement of website design, it is also important to add BackLinks

What is BackLinks?
It is the links between websites or web pages. The main point of this step is to let more websites BackLinks with your website. It is very important to have BackLinks with popular websites. When someone is willing to BackLinks with your website, that means they are voting for you and agree with your website. In alternative, if the BackLinks is not doing well, you may receive complaints from other websites. If your website is poor in content and sounds no value to the visitors. Who is willing to BackLinks with you?

When there is a group of websites that are with similar nature, if many people are willing to create the BackLinks with your websites, isn’t that meaning your website is a high-quality website?
This is the basic assumption of SEO. It is a very humanized point of view because when other websites are willing to put your BackLinks on their website, that means your website is popular.

Our BackLinks service is to find those websites that are willing to create BackLinks with your website, so as to let the search engine think it is a good website, and is therefore willing to increase the ranking of your website.

Service description:
Inter-linkage between the webpages among the own website.

The inter-linkage of the web pages can also increase the popularity of your website.

We shall analyze every different key word in each web page. When the key word being mentioned in other pages, we will create the correct and high-quality BackLinks.

Service description:
BackLinks other websites with your website。
We will instruct how to create good content, to be quoted, forward, or refer to other websites.
We will check whether there is any chance of BackLinks with your website but were being missed.
We will make a checklist and actively contact these quality websites.
We shall arrange some links phishing activity, to increase the popularity of your website.

* Please do not make friends with gambling and pornographic websites. These are all bad websites to search engine. It will only bring you harms but not popularity.

● Our unique system can increase your BackLinks with any bloggers with over 1,000+ Google Index.
● These are all high-quality bloggers with unique domain for each one.
● Over 800 bloggers with a PageRank 1 or higher in Google.
● Allow to create BackLinks for the existing articles of the blogger. Our network has over 6,000+ bloggers and over 100,000+ articles.
● Create BackLinks in the toolbar at the right side of the website.
● Display your BackLinks at the bottom of the blogger website.