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Internet is the activity of every person every day, but ten years ago the Internet and now the Internet has greatly changed a lot

Ten years ago:

Internet access only at home or company online
Moreover, the network has the opportunity to not cover or often disconnected
Reasons when the Internet speed and equipment is not developed, so if you want to open up on the network
Online business only Need to establish a single site can start online contact with Internet users

Just now:
Internet access, basically can be anywhere in the Internet
Science and technology, netizens are multiplier to increase, so all walks of life need to rely on the network to help increase business. At the same time Internet access has been greatly improved, the following are some examples:



Travel mobile network to share all the Internet with friends.

Blackberry phone

Son at School

Call Parent if there is any urgency at School.

Android phone


Check the movie, dinner and other discount information.

Company computer

Work time

Use the computer for the company to find cooperation or SME concessions, such as set of stationery, uniforms.

Window phone

Ordering Food

Use the phone to view nearby takeaway Menu


Cram school

View the latest timetable, fill in the form of registration, do not have to submit in person


Such as the need to use this huge network of the world to open up online business, your site usability is Very big

Ten years ago Just now


Our Aim multi-in-one web design service benefits, and can access all users, the site must have the following version


      Using traditional method of expenditure Use Aim RWD customers
1 Computer website HKD3,800.00 HKD6,800.00
2 Tablet PC website HKD3,800.00
3 Mobile phone website HKD9,900.00
4 Laptop computer website HKD3,800.00
  Can save up to HKD 14,200.00 !!!

  RWD - responsive web design


Multi-in-one web design service (also known as responsive web design)


Responsive Web Design Services

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