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Yahoo Versus Bing Ads Search for advertising services


So that users and customers can
1 . Desktop computer

2 . Portable tablet computer

3 . cell phone

See your website for text ads〈Exposure No charge〉

  Advertising spending more scheming

To reach the same number of potential customers
Keyword ads can cost as much as 10 for TV ads%

Aim Hong Kong search promotion team

Step 1: Features of the site, including click location, turn page, business page etc.
Step 2: Set the target tribute, analysis and search for the key words of effective
Step 3: Analyze industry and rivals, write high-click advertising content, improve word count, and lower click costs
Step 4: Keep your ads and website traffic analysis, and provide customers with more optimized online click ad settings


Yahoo Versus Bing Hot search ad location



< Basic search results ad >
1 . Provide desktop and mobile search results

2 . Exposure without any charges!

3 . Dynamic ad content settings


What is a fixed location ad?
The difference between a fixed location ad and a click-to-keyword ad is that an advertiser can click unlimited at a fixed price without having to click on a bid to get the most eye-catching ad position and not make the ad offline due to insufficient budget. The first ad can show images and contact information, even if the user does not click on the ad, you can also directly contact the advertisers, greatly expand business opportunities.

Fixed position advertising 4 big advantage:
- Fixed position exposure, enhance brand and product awareness
- Fixed monthly fee, unlimited number of exposure and click
- The first ad shows the photo and contact information, doubling the performance
- 3 Different advertising messages, promotional content more diversified

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