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Brand design
Brand application manual means that the brand's instructions, mainly to explain the trademark and derivative products in different media under the display and processing. For example: trademark size, color guide, ad template display (ad template) Auxiliary visual element processing, and basic compliance rules. Some institutions even have uniforms, corporate vehicles, souvenirs (Souvenir) etc, in order to ensure the unity of business / company.

A complete set of brand application manual for the banking industry, insurance, corporate companies or large retail brands, these to pass professional, trust, integrity of the feeling to the customer is a must.

Brand application manuals are generally required for larger brands or organizations, and relatively small companies or brands can choose a brochure that shows and processes only the mark. And all brand application manuals generally have physical book version and online version for the need to access and download.

  Case 1: XinRun

This is a brand application for a Mainland garment factory production manual, we byTrademark designIn different media applications, color types (Colour Palette)、Font application, ad format, letter / quotation format, and even employee uniform design and transportation vehicles need to be designed to achieve the brand to achieve the unity of the project.

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