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It's easy to find a web company, and find a goal to start a page with you. Aim can!

Understand that not every customer is also familiar with the page, Aim Provide ample time and clear instructions to prepare the information to the customer, and also check the salesperson for the first time, and confirmed by e-mail, in the page during each time to set the next reply time limit, increase transparency, At the same time be sure to make your website can be completed on the expected date, will not lose the advertising budget!

Aim More customer service staff progress to the progress of the page, to understand the use of background functions of the guests have not encountered problems, provide technical support, but also provide suggestions for improvement.

FTP upload
Password Please call (852) 2243 0803 Ask the staff
What method of payment
We offer three ways to pay, respectively
1. ATM Transfer
Check payment
** If you use a check payment, please fill in
address Kowloon Xin Po Kong Wu Fang Street on the 10th New Po Center 7th floor, Room 703
Address Room No.03, 7/F., New Treasure Centre, 10 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon
Bank account
** If you pay by bank, you can deposit your payment in the following accounts:
Hang Seng Bank
account name AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED
Bank account 228-335907-001
Please remember to enter the receipt, fax the receipt to 2151 0488 or Give us.
*Please note:
The fees caused by foreign currency shall be paid by the customer
If you have a balance, please notify the accounting, Each check check fee is HKD200.00。
Is not to pay the full period...
No. You can choose monthly payment . Please make a payment on or before the 10th or 25th of each month. How long will it take to use my website after payment?...

In general, we can build your website within 15 business days of determining payment. Some situations may take a little longer, especially when applying for a domain name, because This procedure is carried out in other institutions. After the site goes into effect, we will use e-mail immediately 通知你。
General inquiries General enquiry
E-mail : Tel : 2243 0803