Aim 網頁 AIM Retargeting廣告
Basically, there are the vast majority of online visitors who have entered the site for the first time, and have not taken any action to leave, and through multiple access to the site, will it bring benefits to the marketer. "RTS" is the main function is to re-attract the previous online visitors, so that they re-login site. Customers are encouraged to use the "RTS" promotion program to use your "RT" list to keep your ads in the form of tracking, constantly appearing on front of targeted visitors.

Re-Targeting List of services
Re-Targeting lists will be collected and formed through different ways, such as URL natural entry, Google Network list, AIM Network list, online video ads, social networking sites, SEO / PPC and so on.

"RT"The list will be collected and formed through different routes, such as:

AIM Network List of services
AIM Network is composed of different industries, customers can choose according to their own industry, the most appropriate target list, so that your advertising exposure is no longer wasted in the useless place, with the smallest cost to achieve maximum results.

AIM specializes in providing customers with a high quality list - - AIM Network List
In addition to screening for the most suitable target for customers, but also to avoid waitingRT"List collection time.

AIM NetworkList of service advantages
According to the nature of the customer to provide the most appropriate target group list
Eliminate waiting "RT" list collection, instantly follow-up advertising promotion
Will focus on the promotion of funds in the target group, at least to obtain the highest cost of return
Promote customer advertising in front of the target group, thereby deepening the customer's company's awareness and trust

project AIM Network名單 VS Google Network名單
Tracking ad features support Does not support
Coverage level Divided by industry Divided by interest group
Cost of delivery Focus on advertising costs in a specific target group, at low cost to obtain a valid return The average advertising costs in a wide range of groups, in order to get a huge exposure

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