Aim 網頁 服務條款
Terms of Services
Upon the confirmation of the agreement, a 3-month non refundable service charge shall be paid to AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED . A quarterly payment should be made thereafter.
All payments shall be made to AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED by bank transfer, to be received on the Friday of the week the agreement was made. No services shall be provided by AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED until proof of the fee transfer has been confirmed on that day. A reasonable charge may be imposed by AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED if any expedited services are requested.
Customers shall receive the first web design layout within 15 working days after the confirmation and verification has been done by AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED Account Department via phone / email / fax. To provide the most efficient design and production services, sub page(s) will only be developed after the first layout is confirmed by customer via e-mail while approximately 2 - 3 pages can be developed in 10 working days. 2 – 4 working days per page are required for all layout amendments, while shorten layout amendments schedule can be provided upon request. Please contact our relative staff for the additional charges.
For order(s) which are not fully paid in advance, customers are required to settle the balance upon the final approval of web page(s) layout(s). Web – page(s) shall be published after full payment (including deposit fee and balance fee) is settled and proof of the fee transfer is shown to AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED Account Department 2 days In advance.
FTP account service may be provided upon request. An additional one-off administration costs of HK$1,500 per year ( per 1GB capacity ) shall be charged accordingly.
The change of Name Server (DNS) may takes 24~36 hours to update throughout the internet.
To strengthen the security system of our sites, relocation / upgrade of our servers will be performed on an irregular schedule. This service is free of charge. If a customer's domain parking is not provided by AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED, a redirection of domain DNS by the customer is needed. AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED will not be responsible for the service fees charged by the domain name service provider.
A one-off publishing (installation) service of the customer's web-page is provided for free, if the customer's web-page hosting service is not provided by AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED.
AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED only provides the management of on Web Hosting Service; it does not bear any responsibility for the stability of the services provided by customer's other Internet service provider.
Customer shall provide brief design and contact AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED ( Administration Department ) within 30 days after the confirmation of quotation has been received. Otherwise, a handling fee of 30% of the quotation will be charged after 60 days respectively while termination of service will be made after 90 days without prior notice.
No services will be provided unless both brief design and information are fully provided by the customer. All content provided will be examined by AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED; if information is found to be false, no service will be provided until the correct information is received.
A minimum of 60% exposure to the visitors using the selected search engine will be guaranteed in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Guarantee service. However, our guaranteed shall be voided if the customer website is not amended according to the advice given by AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED or a regular maintenance in the search engine was done by the search engine provider.
Refund for the PPC (Pay Per Click) service will not be made to customers from China if the websites or companies concerned violate the Chinese Government's rules and regulations or policies.
All of the promotion services (except SEO service) will be provided on the first day of the every month. Payment for the promotion services has to be made at least 7 working days in advance since 7 working days are required for the design and setup of the banner.
AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED may temporarily deny service or terminate this agreement upon the failure of an Account Holder to pay charges after they become due. Such termination or denial will not relieve the Account Holder of responsibility for the payment of all accrued charges.
AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this agreenment at any time upon 3 days written notice to Customers.
To avoid any inconvenience or misunderstanding , the above contact person will be the only decision makers in this contract .
To avoid any misunderstandings, AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED will only contact the decision-maker under all circumstances.
If the decision maker is changed in the future, form (b) shall be submitted with the company chop stamped at the bottom.
AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED will record the information of the decision maker. All statements and information will be verified by the decision maker via email, telephone or fax.
If the decision maker/ contact person is no longer an employee of the customer and no new decision make /contact person has been provided to AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED as provided above, the customer hereby agrees to appoint AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED its decision maker/ contact person.
Parties proposing any amendments to a contract and shall verify the information of the service within 7 working days through the decision maker; during this time the service in this contact shall be temporarily suspended. Service shall resume after all verification is completed.
To change the decision maker, the customer shall be required to provide their certificate of business registration; personal web page customers who do not have any business registration shall be required to provide identification documents of the new decision maker.
After decision maker has confirmed the terms and conditions of the services under this contract, customer may only change them with the consent of AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED subject to new and additonal fees.
AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED will no longer provide any information to the previous decision after a change to the decision maker has been made.
The Quotation shall form an integral part of this Contract.
If full payment is not settled on the stated dates, AIM ( HONG KONG ) LIMITED reserves the right to charge interest on the outstanding balance at the rate of 3% per month.
There is no refund policy ( excluding items with special terms ).