Aim 網頁 微博推廣服務

For China, microblogging is one of the best publicity platform, we hope to expand the domestic market for customers to provide various types of professional microblogging promotion services program. Including it: Popular microblogging site advertising, Sina microblogging promotion, Tencent microblogging promotion, UJoin promotion platform services, so that your brand image and product services more people know.

Microblogging promotion services program

1.Domestic popular microblogging site advertising service


To provide the best domestic promotion of microblogging site selection, so that your promotion by the quality of exposure.



To provide different locations of advertising services in the major domestic microblogging site for the customer site to bring a huge exposure.

2. UJoin promotes platform services

Recommend a popular campaign program


Microblogging sharing / broadcast


Microblogging attention/Listen


Microblogging forwarding

The first step - advertising planning
This is tailored to the advertiser's tailored ad content (eg, fill in a questionnaire, watch a product video, and so on), and then use the positioning technology of the UJoin platform to deliver the ad to the desired target group.



The second step - microblogging - attention / listen & Microblogging - sharing / forwarding
So that the target group to pay attention to / listen to your microblogging, in a short time quickly gathered a lot of people, the use of target groups to share / forward advertising information to social circles, so that advertising a wider coverage.



Step 3 - Go to the advertiser's website
Through the UJoin advertising campaign, for advertisers to bring endless stream of high-quality target group, so that they more fully understand the advertiser's brand and products.



Step 4 - Ad effect
In the full advertising report, advertisers can see the actual effect of the campaign, during the promotion of microblogging page, while the customer site to bring a lot of people flow.


More ad action options, advertisers can add their own content to the advertising content, respectively, as follows:

Filter the problem

Through the screening of the problem function, so that you further distinguish between the target group of areas, occupation, income, etc., in accordance with these characteristics put the most appropriate target group of advertising.

Video show

Through the advertising video, so that the target group to deepen the impression of advertisers, a more fully understand the company's brand and product advantages.


Let the target group fill out the survey asked by the advertiser, collect the high quality of the views, and effectively analyze the needs of the target group.

Members recruited

Strict selection of high-potential target group registered as a member of the advertiser, after a number of member verification (mailbox verification / mobile phone verification), to ensure that the filter does not meet the requirements of the members.

Install and experience the game

In addition to the need to apply for their own game membership account, and must complete the download and installation steps. Through the experience of the game so that users feel the fun of the game, so as to share more friends demo.

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