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We understand that the demand on web hosting nowadays for business becomes higher and higher now, many customers said, 'At least to buy a domain, so that there is a company email address being printed on the name card.' Therefore, there are many cheap hosting service among the industry. Though many SME owned a domain in early years,, they encountered the below problems when they want to set up a website:

The staff who is responsible for the domain was resigned. The company cannot get back the domain. What can do?
My domain did not include website hosting, what can do?
I had bought over 20 years but the domain company was closed. What can do?
My domain hosting has limited bandwidth, it can not be visited when the daily visit count hits 100. It is unable to contact the domain company when trying to move away. What can do?

Despite providing web design service, Aim also provides web hosting service, hope to provide an one-stop service. The above problem will not be AIM's problem.

The staff who is responsible for domain will never resign, the domain will be purchased by AIM for you!
Aim domain must be package with web hosting, the website can directly contact AIM, to provide an one-stop service!
Aim was established in 2006. We have our reputation among the industry and is a confidence assurance!
Aim's H980 package provides unlimited hosting service and bandwidth. If your website have a certain amount of visits, then we will say, 'Congratulation!'

Common questions in Hosting:

Is Aim relatively expensive compare to others?
We will not compare to those company that only charge $20 per month. It is because we provides quality web hosting service, strictly choose the most stable and high speed host computer, and equipped with quality engine room and network.
Where is the location of Aim's server? Is it in an undustrial building?
Currently, Aim's server is located in NTT HKNET and HDC Data Centre to offer the global hgih speed connection.

Why to find Aim?
Despite web hosting, Aim also provides domain application, website, onlilne promotion. We hope to provide an one-stop service to give confidence to our customers.
Why the loading of my website is very slow? Will Aim also appears the same problem?
We understand that the locatin issue of the current website, for example, it is time consuming for connecting Hong Kong with foreign Data Centre, resulted in slow loading on picture and video. Aim offers many web hosting service with high speed hosting computers. Contact us for the price quotation.
Will Aim help me to solve the technical issues on website?
Aim will provide service for those website that are programmed by Aim. We offer various web hosting service. All web hosting servers has 24-hour network and secutiry monitoring, to avoid any technical issue happen on the server.

Customer need not to worry about the investment business and human resources. Your website can immediately be ready for visit. You can login and manage your website anytime to retrieve data.

Which type of hosting service suits you most?

Customer A:
I want to make an online shop, and need to upload many products
But I know nothing. I'm a one-man company and do not have any IT staff
Which hosting service suits me?

Believe that (H980) Aim unlimited hosting servcie suits you
- unlimited velocity and hosting
- 99.5% online assurance, backup electricity, UPS anti-power off system
- 24 x 7 system monitoring by designated staff, email technical support. Aim will act as your IT staff.
- Regular system maintainence
- Additional 10 POP3 email for free

Customer B :
I'm the boss of a SME, mainly focus on sales, the web design can be simple
In alternative, I would rather increase the email space. It is because we always hire sales, and sales always resign
I need a platform for me to add/delete email anytime. a registered service to meet my requirements??

You may join our ( H1G-E ) Aim 1GB email hosting service
- Offers 1GB email space
- Provides access right for email control panel, to add, delete email anytime
- Can backup email, set the receipt control, email filtering
- 99.5% online assurance, backup electricity, UPS anti-power off system
- 24 x 7 system monitoring by designated staff

Customer C :
I am a photgrapher, will upload the photos to FTP for easy trade
Do you provide purely FTP service?

Yes, you may join our (H1G-F) Aim 1GB website FTP hosting service
- customer can upload document via FTP
- 99.5% online assurance, backup electricity, UPS anti-power off system
- 24 x 7 system monitoring by designated staff
- Additional 10 POP3 email for free

Customer D :
I am a designer. I am familiar with web deisgn and system
I only need the backend control panel, then I can figure out all things
Do you have any service suits me?

You may join our (H1G-A) Aim 1GB intergration hosting service
- The service includes (H1G-F) + (H1G-E) service, 1GB hosting space shared by website and email
- Unlimited velocity
- Support 1 database (MYSQL 5), suits for you who have system in the website

Too many hosting servcie that cannot be listed all here. Please contact 2243 0803
* Please contact un for enquiry on increasing space