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In the 21st century, this era of computer technology developed, in addition to Facebook in this social platform to update the latest developments between friends, but also in the major discussion area ( Uwants、HK Discuss、Gordon, etc.) to view different types of news, such as entertainment, current affairs, sports, music and so on. In addition, the public will be in the discussion area of the forum, initiated discussions, attracted more attention. That is, the discussion area will be an online platform for absorbing and promoting new messages.

In addition to the general web design, we will help customers set up a discussion area of their own. The establishment of the basic discussion area has been able to meet the needs of most of the guests, we hope that an affordable price, to meet the requirements of the guests, for the guests to create an ideal page.

The discussion area is included

Set your own station name Member system Administrator system
Waterproof setting QQ interconnection function Discussion area portal settings
Discussion group group settings Discussion area mobile version  

Promotion period:

1. Waterproof setting
2. Pop3 email service x 10
Note: If senior designer is required for planning and design, additional HK$500 / day.

Membership system
Every forum has their unique registration page and model. Upon completion of registration, members can edit their password any time to decrease the chance of hacking. Of course, the forum had relevant system setting in case the member forgot their password.

Private message
Members can chat with each other by private message.

Post a thread / Raise a poll
Everyone can share the life stuffs or current affairs, raise a poll and gather opinions. To attract more users to response, member can also add URL link, graphics…etc. in the thread.

Member space
Each member has an independent personal space, in the personal space inside, members can view or modify the personal information, view their published subject status and reply records. Other members can also leave a message via the message board in the space. The most important thing is that members can publish their personal diary in their own personal space and add photos to the album, for the space to add a lot of fun.

Webmaster system
Webmaster is the core person of every forum. It is because he owns the highest access right of the website to manage the operation of the whole website.

Internal message
Webmaster can leave message to super moderator and moderator, to acknowledge the future development of the forum.

Review topics, replies and users of every forum
There are many users to post and reply in different forum every day. Webmaster have a right to allow the posting and replies, to avoid inappropriate topics or discussions exist. This is also the obligation of Webmaster to review every user.

Suspend user

When a user violates the forum rules, Webmaster can suspend the user to post or reply.

Ban IP

If a member consistently violates the rules or using the same IP to login with different usernames, Webmaster can block the users, as well as the IP to login the forum.

User access right
In general, the access right of the user under a forum is based on the user group. But Webmaster can also limit the access right of a user in a forum.
Default permissions Forced to prohibit Forced to allow

Edit user
As the access right of every user are different. To facilitate efficient management, Webmaster can edit the user group of the user to either upgrade or downgrade.

Topic management
Webmaster can manage and edit threads in different forum.

Refer a topic
When a thread hit a particular volume of view / reply, and the thread itself has a particular meaning, Webmaster can refer this thread to other members.

Forum Editor
Webmaster can edit every rule in the forum, and ask users to follow, so as to keep the order.

Public announcement
If there are important items that need to announce to every member, Webmaster can make a public announcement.

Management log
To facilitate the Webmaster to understand the website well, they can check the forum log, to see what had been done under what time in which forum of every members.

Management reporting
Every forum had a reporting button. If a member found there is conflict on the topic against the forum rules, they can press the button to report. Webmaster will receive the alert at the same time and take necessary action immediately.

Anti-bump device
Belive that yyou may ever withness a forum being spamming, the web host and adminstrator need to continuously delete relevant message to maintain the good order. However, this is a vicious cycle and will never be eliminated. The anti-bump device can reduce the chance of being spamming, to reduce the workload of web host and administrators. Therefore, a anti-bump device is an essential function of a forum!

Anti-bump robot, the AI setting includes:
- Force user to upload profile picture to activate the account
- Admin User manual approval

Post restriction setting includes:
- Post restriction by verification code
- Q and A verification
- Post time limitation, for example, 1 post per hour only
However, there are several different formats of the forum. If customer has special request, please contact AIM salesman.

QQ inter-contact function
Through the QQ inter-contact, the web host or developer can apply to connect with QQ login, to obtain the basic information of the users. Users can use the QQ login to access connect point or app , sharing the website content to QQ, mobile QQ, QQ space, Weibo platform by using the sharing function.

Discussion area portal settings
If you want to have Uwants, HK Discuss and other popular theme interface, discussion area portal settings can help you do not know how to write a discussion area program can also achieve aspirations. In addition, guests can also increase the channel section, greatly increasing the visibility of the discussion area.

Forum group setting
By using the forum group setting, members can invite a group of friends to join the group for group discussion. Besides, the group setting is very personalized for members to manage, add and delete other members easily.

Forum mobile version
To facilitate members to visit the forum anytime, AIM specially created a mobile based forum! Users can browse through the simple interface while the content are the same. Users can interactive with others in the favourite module.

Please contact 852-2243 0803 for more details about forum website service.