Aim 網頁 微博綜合服務方案

In recent years in the country to the number of the most popular online social networking platform, non-large microblogging none other than the powerful features of the user at any time with other members or friends to share life and become their best communication sharing channels. Sina microblogging alone since its inception, has accumulated more than 500 million registered users, coupled with other microblogging platform, the number of domestic users is difficult to estimate. So you want to use a huge Chinese netizens for your brand for publicity and promotion, you first do is to establish a dedicated enterprise microblogging, and then with microblogging management and microblogging promotion program for enterprises to enter the mainland market to make all preparations.

The following is the most popular Chinese microblogging:


Want to use the microblogging channel to promote the brand to hundreds of millions of microblogging users, but do not know how to set up business microblogging?


To provide a large number of the most popular domestic microblogging site, so that customers in accordance with their own needs in the designated site advertising.

Want your microblogging to have more content to attract content, and continue to push the hot microblogging content and distress?


To provide different locations of advertising services in the major domestic microblogging site for the customer site to bring a huge exposure.


Want to find more potential fans in the country, more and more people pay attention to your microblogging information, so that microblogging become impressive


With the UJoin platform, customers can pinpoint target groups and share their ads with the best possible community.

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