Aim 網頁 Training course
Using e-commerce is the desire of most Hong Kong people because of the low cost, free management time and simple to strat the business. You can start your business by only a website. it really that easy to success?

You must encounter faialure if you don't have some basic knowledge of e-commerce. This course consolidated many failure cases and success cases, to offer you many solutions on trendy and effective e-commerce.
SEO serach engine optimization is the most important elemant in e-commerce.
Who should enroll: Online editor, website planner, administrator of personal website, SEO specialist, SEO consultant, webbsite planning manager, Head of website promotion, website operation engineer, Head of commeerce promotion, website sales specialist, business starter
How to attend the lesson: online or lecture
Lesson One : Explaination on what is SEO 1.The misleading legend of SEO
2.The origin and history of SEO
3.The principle of every search engine and website ranking
4.The difference between each search engine
5.What is external link
6.What is internal link
Lesson Two : What needs to be prepared to start SEO? 1.The workflow of SEO
2.The attitude and concept when processing SEO
3.How to increase the skill of SEO
Lesson Three : Analyze and select key words 1.What is hot key words?
2.What is long tail key words?
3.Introduction on key word investigation tool
4.How to copy the useful key words from users of same industry?
Lesson Four : The website structure of SEO 1.How to assign content and picture
2.Set up of meta tag
3.Set up the classification layer of the website
4.The key word assignment in the content
5.Analysis on extrernal link and internal link
6.The most disliked website structure of SEO engine
Lesson Five : Cheating on SEO 1.The most hated items in search engine
2.The smoke and mirrors of search engine
3.The superposition method of key words in search engine
4.Old SEO methodology
5.Abuse of picture alt and keyword
Lesson Six : Key word analysis 1.Introduction on regional key words
2.Introduction on key word analysis tool
3.The use of key words
4.Analyze the keywords in website of competitors
Lesson Seven : The way to increase the weighting score 1.The attraction level of the website
2.The location of the host
3.The refresh rate of website content
4. website links (external links & internal links)
5.Set up time table for the new rate of website
6.How to increase the website velocity
Lesson Eight : Introduction on SEO tools 1.Celovity Analysis tool
2.Link Analysis tool
3.Ranking Analysis tool
4.Add link tool
5.Auto-news release tool
6.Auto-submit searching tool
Lesson Nine : SEO case study case study case study case study case study