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  Google Insights for Search  
  Just as Google Insights for Search (GIS), You can view the 2004 global keyword search situation, you can press keywords, geography and time to query the search volume of keywords and related news.  
  Google Adwords Keyword Tool  
  Google The company's keyword advertising analysis tool, the core function is " Keyword expansion “, According to the keywords and website content to carry out "keyword association", in the keyword mode, support four keyword matching. Recommended keywords can show advertiser competition, local search volume, global search volume data. In addition, AdWords Keyword Tool filters out keywords that can be imported directly into your Google AdWords account.  
  Google Analytics  
  Keyword advertising analysis tool, the core function is "keyword expansion", you can press keywords and website content to "Key words association in the keyword mode, the four keyword matching methods are supported. The recommended keywords can show the advertiser's degree of competition, local search volume, global search volume data.  
  Google Trends  
  Google The company's keyword trend analysis tool, You can view the specific keywords in a period of time the amount of search trends, support for more keyword comparison. In addition, now Google Trends can also be used to analyze the site traffic (do not know the future is not to get rid of Alexa ...).  
  Wordtracker SEO Blogger  
  Write a blog SEO tool that can assist you in inserting and writing popular keywords during the writing process. (This tool does not support Chinese)  
  Wikipedia article traffic statistics  
  Can be viewed Wikipedia on each item of the page views, such as your company information into entries, may wish to see after a month how many people "visit" your company. However, as we all know the reasons, Wikipedia in China's use rate is not high.  
  Google Webmaster Tools  
  Google The company's webmaster tools, the majority of webmasters are familiar and widely used, you can more accurate statistics of Google included, the number of reverse links and keyword ranking, analysis of Google robots on the site crawl frequency. Recently added some new features.  
  GSite Crawler  
  A site map for xml format and can be submitted to Google's sitemap. Need to download the load, and then add a Project, and then fill in the data according to the wizard, select the default value can be, you can also choose to automatically upload, it will ask you to fill in the ftp account password, configure the finished, GSiteCrawler will automatically scan You fill in the site, generate sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz file, and finally help you upload to the site or choose to manually upload files. Finally log in to your Google Sitemaps site to join the connection. But the official website seems to be unable to open, the current domestic search to download the address file has expired. So add an online generation tool, not more than 500 pages of things can be done, xml-sitemap easy to use, the speed can be.  
  Google Website Optimizer  
  Google The company's website optimization tool can be used to do A / B test and multi-target test, compared to the need for time and effort slowly.  
  Yellowpipe Lynx Viewer Tool  
  FireFox Plugin, you can let you preview the page in the Lynx Viewer, it is easy to view the page in the eyes of the search engine look. (Unfortunately not support Chinese)  
  Pingdom Tools  
  - powerful web speed tool, but the operation is extremely simple. Just enter the URL of the URL to be tested. In the test results table, you can switch to a tree list, allowing you to sort test elements by load order, load time, file type, URL, and file size. Based on the measured load order and load time, you can analyze the reasons for slow loading of the page, helping to understand the page elements (styles, scripts, images, etc.) that affect overall load performance.  
  Xenu Linksleuth  
  Client software, powerful website dead chain check small software. You can open a regional web page file to check its link, you can also enter any URL to check. It can be listed on the website of the live links and dead links, even the link to it are clearly analyzed; support multi-threaded, you can check the results stored as a text file or web page file. Given the TIPS Take care to see no harm. Icon is very Mars, but unfortunately the Chinese support is not good enough, the title will be garbled, the error details for the Chinese.  
  Majestic SEO  
  Online tools, with its own words is the world's largest anti-chain and anchor file database, query speed is indeed good, the Chinese display is also normal. Worth a try.  
  Link Harvester  
  This tool supports query reverse link site IP, display information is more comprehensive, good speed.