Aim 網頁 SEO Report

Those SEO companies in the market will end their job when the ranking is up into the list.
However, Aim will offer a monthly detailed SEO analysis report for SME, just like hired a marketing statistics assistant!

The monthly SEO Report includes:

→ Compare the velocity of current month against last month

→ Check the highest-ranking page of the month

→ Know the newest key word

→ Recent dropping key word
→ Potential key word

→ Clear record
    - project completed this month
    - SEO recommendation for this month
    - Completed projects
    - Email / telephone record
→ Remark incomplete projects

At the same time, we understand that not all SME have their own marketing strategic planner, therefore, we offer consultation service, which includes:

24-hour website velocity tool
Based on the change on the website or article, to release the online advertisement.

Display the current ranking of the key search engine
Understand the advantage after the website enhancement, to make adjustment so as to increase the ranking

Website analysis report and recommendation
Combine the visitor behavior with online marketing strategy, to analysis the hit point and the possibility of product sales

Comparison on key word ranking
Assess the commercial value of the key word, advise the most effective key word to raise the popularity.

Understand and analyze the quality of your website and the quality requirement of search engine

Increase and analyze the Meta Tags of your website, to list out eh best website relevance and sorting sequence.

Report of competitor
Analyze the website of main competitor, understand the advantage of each other, to give advice on how to increase the competitive power.

Introduce those key words in the rank and relevant links and the search quantity of each key words
Need to increase the number of key words to keep increasing the chance of being on list and increase the velocity.

Professional data report
Acts as a consultant to assist your online promotion, to achieve the perfect advertising effect.