Aim 網頁 Yahoo/Bing pay per click advertisement


Search advertisement service in Yahoo and Bing Ads


Let users and customers to watch your text advertisement in
1 . desktop computer

2 . notebook or ipad

3 . mobile phones

Without any charges.

Advertisement fee comparison

To reach the same quantity of potential customers
The advertisement fee on search key words can be lower to only 10% of tv advertisement

Aim Hong Kong search promotion team

Step 1: Ask the customer about the website function, including click location, turning page, business page, etc.
Step 2: Set the target page, analyze and search the effective key word samples
Step 3: Analyze industry and counter parties, draft the advertisement content with high click rate. Increase the text quality and lower the click cost.
Step 4: Continuously analysis on advertisement an website velocity, offer the best optimized pay per click setting to the customer.


Yahoo and Bing hot search advertisement location



< Basic search result advertisement >
1 . offer search result location for desktop and mobile version

2 . No charge for displaying the ad!

3 . Dynamic advertisement content setting


What is fixed location advertisement?
「The difference between 「Fixed location advertisement」and Pay Per Click is the advertiser can pay for unlimited clicks with fixed price. No need to fight for the sharpest advertisement place by the click price and will not make the advertisement offline when the budget is not enough. Top rank advertisement can even display the graphics and contact information. Even when the user does not click the advertisement, they can still contact the advertiser directly to increase the sales volume.

The 4 big advantages of fixed location advertisement:
- Fixed location exposure, to increase the popularity of the brand and product
- Fixed monthly fee, unlimited exposure and click.
- Top rank advertisement can display the graphics and contact information
- 3 kinds of different advertisement message, to diversely promote the content.

Customer who use our Pay Per Click advertisement


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