Aim 網頁 Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertisement

Aim Google Pay Per Click Advertisement offers you

Reach the target customer in Hong Kong or worldwide for our online business customers through the Google Adwords and Google.

World Economic Forum Report 2014

Hong Kong is already in front position among Asia countries on the Network Readiness Index in 'Global Information Technology Report 2014'.

The mobile usage is become part of live for Hong Kong people. To increase the sales volume, reflection internet sales is the key component.


Why need the assistance from Aim Google Adwords professions?

Reason: Google keyword advertising is very simple to set up, but to achieve efficient online promotion results, the future optimization and analysis of online advertising results is very important, and I have a wealth of online marketing experience to reduce the cost of advertising and commission online Advertising costs, is definitely our expertise.

Google advertisement provided by Aim

set up the Google Advertisement account for customer

Seet up key words

- Analyze the business of the customer
- Suggest different long tail type hot keywords
- optimize the problem of lot hit rate of the key words
- Study the relevance and concreteness
- Set up dynamic key words


Set up advertisement - Count advertisement message for customer
- Insert key words to increase the hit rate CTR
- Set up dynamic advertising, to enhance the observability, quarterly simplicity
- Produce many advertisement content to improve the conversion rate
- suggest appealing words

Web design company
5% off for registration this month
$2800 10 pages design
Web promotion commpany
Free domain for registration
$4000+ for SEO service

- Set up mobile customer <mobile customer>, add location <additional location information> and telephone number <additional incoming call informaiton>

Adjust the effect of different high click image ads

Propose advertisement display - Basic text searching advertisement
- Dynamic text searching advertisement
- Time and location advertisement

Your shop, targe to release within 500M

- Mobile advertisement
Google HK network broadcast 2 million explosure per month

Explosure in most of important APP, Aim will analyze and filter effective APP advertisement


- Re-marketing advertisement, please find the details
- Dynamic product message advertisement
-Set up Google Merchant Center
-Set up dynamic advertisement content Creed
-link Google shopping

- video advertisement 〈Youtube〉

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