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Facebook page set up

With facebook become popular social platform, so many daily things through facebook interactive, sharing, communication, to spread to the rest of the world. Because of this trend, many companies are in the facebook for strategic publicity. In Hong Kong, almost everyone has a facebook account, business to create facebook page can promote their own brand, but also allows fans and friends to receive your company information, contact most of the online users.
* Facebook social platform

Our facebook page production service
Company information ( Can be modified )
1. LOGO trademark (Provided by the customer)
2. A facebook professional banner design (Can be modified according to customer requirements twice)
3. Company Profile
  60 words or less (Provided by the customer)
4. Details
  - address:
  - URL:
  - Business hours
  - Contact information
      1. e-mail:
      2. telephone number:
5. Photo book (5 - 10 photos provided by the customer)

Service Content:

Set up basic business information
Business type banners design
Initial album set up
Set up free management page information
‧ Direct contact with customers
‧ Can respond quickly to customer feedback
‧ For the fans to make an immediate market survey
‧ Share your own photos, videos
‧ Cheap promotion sales activities
‧ Virus spread business information
Create a Facebook URL name*
Open the page insight report*

*If you need to open a service, you need a certain number of fans Increase the fans( facebook add fans ) Charges, please call 2243 0803 Inquire

Our customers facebook page

Understand the customer's facebook page is not only to promote the starting point of business growth, but also the establishment of customer relationship with the silk, so every customer to attach great importance to the establishment of facebook page. With the company's facebook service team for many years of experience, to provide customers with all the professional facebook page set up and page banner design, so that customers no longer need to face up to facebook and distress.

Our customers facebook page:

our client

For more information about the facebook page, set up a service - Please call 852 - 2243 0803