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With the popularity of smart phones, for the current public, to the video site (such as: youtube / cool 6 network / Youku / Tudou, etc.) to watch online video sharing, is already designated every day action. In view of this, the Division sincerely recommend customers to use video banner advertising services, customers can display in addition to the image advertising format, you can still choose to use the company service / product introduction video for advertising. Compared to the traditional text ads, video advertising is better there is a sound screen, this will be more effective to attract the attention of the audience, greatly enhance the customer's advertising popularity.

Ad placemen Provide multiple types of ad slots (image / video support)
Charge mode CPM form charge / fixed mode charge
*n addition to providing professional online promotion of film production services more
service advantage 1) Most local people like to watch movies online, video advertising is the current trend
2) Compared to the promotion of text and pictures, video advertising can be more clear promotion services / product
3) There is a picture of the promotion of the screen, so that the audience's eye to stay longer
4) Virus marketing video ads are more effective than other types of ads

Video banner advertising service promotion

Video banner ads (Hong Kong and International)
YouTube –
The most popular global video sharing site, to provide users with sharing and watch the video network services, Development has become the world's largest number of views of the video site.

1. YouTube(HK) First fixed position banner ads
The customer's ads will appear on YouTube's top-most fixed location, with fixed-rate charges, unlimited clicks, great ad space, and the location of the site.

2. TrueView In-stream video ads
The customer's video ad will appear before the video is played, which will allow the video user to choose whether to skip the ad within a few seconds after the ad is played, and the ad charge will be generated when the video user watches the ad for more than 30 seconds or a full video ad.

3. TrueView Display ads – Play the page ad
The customer's video ad will appear as an image and text, and the ad will appear on the video page of the topic. Advertising charges will also be generated when the video user clicks on the ad and watches the ad.

4. TrueView Display ads - Video overlay ad rendering
The customer's video ad will appear as an overlay, and the ad will appear within the video of the audience and content of the associated customer. The ad charge will also be generated when the video user clicks on the ad and watches the ad.

5. TrueView Display ads - Ad network site
The customer's video ad will appear on the Google Display Network site that is associated with the client's target and content, and the ad charge will also be generated when the video user clicks on the ad and watches the video.

6. TrueView in-display ads - YouTube Search results page
The customer's video ad will appear on the YouTube search results page. The customer's video will appear with other similar content videos, which will also be generated when the video user clicks on the ad and watches the ad.

Video banner ads (China)
Cool 6 network –
Domestic large-scale video media sharing platform, providing free video services, video sharing, video search and other related services, users can the shortest Time to watch the most popular video information.
Some ad slots are as follows:

Home Ads

Video pre-play ad

Other forms of advertising
Website advantages:
With the cool 6 network strategy model upgrade, began to focus on the effect of advertising-based new advertising model. At the same time, through the new model so that brand customers can better in the UGC video content on the advertising cooperation.
In the promotion of UGC strategy at the same time, combined with "advertising into the plan" in addition to enhance the initiative to upload video users, but also can increase the spread of advertising, compared with the original single-play traditional brand advertising model can cover a more extensive Audience.
With the development of UGC strategy, cool 6 effect ads will continue to optimize the upgrade, this through the number of times and the system exactly match the advertising model, will become the darling of video sites. With the increase in personalized video and the user's acceptance of the new cool 6, we believe that cool 6 advertising revenue is bound to increase rapidly, and become a new industry hot spots.

Youku –
Youku potato group's share video site, is currently the most famous video sharing site, the site continues to provide users with the most fiery, with entertainment video content.
Some ad slots are as follows:

Home Ads

When the video is paused

Other forms of advertising
Website advantages:
Youku to "fast is king" for the product concept, by virtue of "fast play, quick release, quick search" product features, fully meet the growing user interaction needs and diversified video experience, has become the most influential in the Chinese Internet Power, the most popular video users.
Youku insist on creating "sunshine, real, mainstream, dream" brand image to "plan"As the guide, together with a number of partners to expand the integration of resources and content development, the use of video media unique attributes to create a "network linkage" mode of transmission, and constantly respond to industry and Internet users demands to promote the mainstream of the network video industry process. In addition, Youku or the only one received dual-card commercial and commercial sites, a genuine film and television program distribution, dissemination and marketing of the legitimate platform.
Youku constantly practice the "triple play" mission, now covers the PC, TV, mobile three terminals, both film and television, variety, information three forms of content, through video content production, broadcast, distribution of three links, become The real meaning of the Internet TV media, leading the video industry pattern and the media era of the big pattern.
56 network -
One of the major domestic video sharing site, in the "share video, share happy" website concept, to entertainment, interactive, share the main elements of the site.
Website advantages:

Home Ads

Video pre-play ad

Play the page on the right side of the ad
Website advantages:
1 domestic leading video sharing platform, the average daily VV over 95 million, monthly UV up to 180 million people;
2 Zhang Yang young people's personality, vitality and to provide positive energy film and television content, from the establishment to the present has been the most popular young people like the entertainment video media;
3 joined the group in 2011 and began to start the video socialization communication strategy, in 2013 more than 70% of all video content from the 56 network, Sina microblogging and Tencent microblogging video, respectively, 23% and 28% from 56 network, Another 56 homemade content with more than 3,000 local sites to get through;
4 traditional media channel reverse output to the IPTV, digital TV and other accumulated more than 100 local television stations and aviation (Air China, Okay Airways), high-speed rail, subway, fast food chain and other public screen channels;
5 hard wide price advantage, high advertising reach, high click-through rate, advertising effect is obvious.

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