Aim 網頁 Google Remarketing 廣告

The biggest problem is that if the customer has the experience of online publicity, the biggest problem is that when a visitor through the ads into the site, but did not take any action to leave (such as: membership registration / add goods to the cart / join the cart but not settled, etc.) , But as long as you understand the customer behind each decision carefully thought, the problem will be improved! So we recommend that customers use Google Remarketing to help you reach your online visitors and track them again to help your ads run more effectively.

96% Site visitors leave the site without taking action

70% Online shoppers leave the site without clearing

Recommended "Google Remarketing" reason:

Enhance the company's brand image visibility
Attract visitors to re-enter the site
Advertising is in the form of tracking, constantly appear in front of visitors
For the site to bring more sales activities
Increase the amount of registration
Have a high quality target group, including:
1 billion + interested users
Top 30 categories
More than 1000 subcategories

Google Remarketing advertising principles
Commonly available ad positioning technology standards "Remarketing "positioning technology

Remarketing "list collection process

Online visitors use online search, or click on the ad through, or directly enter the site, etc. to enter the customer site

The user will be on the ad network site will continue to see the customer's website advertising

Visited online visitors, whenever they arrive at Google's website, will be tracked and see the customer's ad

Through the website has installed the RT Code to tell the server, these online visitors into the customer's website

The server collects the online visitor cookie information that has entered the customer's website, thus forming a "Remarketing" list

By tracking the form of advertising, to attract visitors to enter the customer site again and bring more action

Google Remarketing ad tips

Unfinished action Suggested strategy
Have visited the page, but no registered members Make an ad about the member registration, the content is added immediately / Sign up for benefits
Have visited the page but did not add goods to the shopping cart Make an ad about the latest product information to attract visitors to enter the site again
Has visited the page, and has joined the shopping cart but not settled Make an offer about a product, such as $ 500 for $ 500, etc., to attract visitors to visit and complete the settlement again
Has visited the page, but for a long time did not return to the site To track the form of advertising, to attract visitors to enter the site again

Google Remarketing – Search for ads
Divide visitors who have visited the page into different types of groups Optimize your ad's text, bids, and keywords for the characteristics of these groups Attract visitors to re-enter the site and complete the target action

Search campaigns optimized for trilogy

1)Optimize ad content

According to the type of visitors to the group, the appropriate advertising content, such as : access to the site but no registered members, the issuance of the relevant members of the registered advertising
2)Optimize bids

For some of the strong consumer customers to a higher price, the advertising position to a more prominent position to attract them to enter the site again shopping:
3)Extended keywords

Add more keywords to the chain, add more sites to the way, so as to subdivide the categories of visitors to the various types of sites, enabling targeted marketing

Optimize search ads

For new site visitors, they will only see general marketing advertising messages, for example:

With Google Remarketing, you can run specific ads for old customers on your site.﹕

Google Remarketing – Dynamic remarketing ads
Dynamic remarketing allows customers to show their ads to visitors who have visited the site. The system intelligently analyzes the areas where visitors have visited the site, so they can tailor the most appropriate dynamic ad. In addition, customers can even further add visitors to specific site information to visitors who have visited the site, more effectively attract visitors' attention and bring them back to your site to complete the purchase.

The main effect of dynamic advertising
• The system will automatically optimize and analyze the interests of each visitor to calculate the best performing dynamic ad
• Google Adwords offers ad sizes of different sizes, and customers can place multiple products in a single ad
• Google's product recommendation engine will analyze what type of product portfolio ads the most effective, which usually recommend the site's most popular products, as well as the display of other products related to the chain

Examples of dynamic remarketing ads

Customers can create their own dynamic remarketing ads based on the company's style and elements, or simply provide the company's trademark, and the system will automatically optimize the ad layout and complete the remaining ad production for the customer. Google Remarketing - The visitors on the list will see different dynamic remarketing ads that are created by the product area they have visited on the site.

Google Remarketing Advertising success stories

Marketing objectives:
It is expected to find a list of high potential target groups, and then through the tracking of advertising services to attract target users to visit the site.
• Increased clickthrough rate 145%
• Conversion rate increase 315%
• Increased return on advertising investment 250%

Marketing objectives:
For the company to enhance brand awareness, and want to bring more high-quality traffic on the site, increase sales and return on investment.
•Conversion rate increase +161%
•Increase in turnover 22%
•Each order cost is reduced 43%

Marketing objectives:
Increase the image of the company's brand, so that site users can regularly see the latest company's product advertising, so as to attract them to visit the site again.
• Increases clickthrough rate by 300%
• Reduction in cost per conversion by 37%

Marketing objectives:
Build their own brand awareness, deepen the user's awareness of their products, and users often want to pay attention to the latest information on the site.
• Increase the number of conversions for display ads by 117%
• Conversion rate is higher than regular display ads by 203%
• Conversion rates are higher than regular remarketing campaigns by 119%

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