Aim 網頁 搜尋引擎固定文字/圖片橫額廣告

For customers who have always been doing PPC advertising, they generally face a lot of advertising issues, such as: advertising too little position, it is difficult to attract potential customers attention! Advertising by keyword bidding, leaving the advertising position different , And sometimes do not show ads! Not affected by the ad content settings, failed to show more company information! Because of the PPC advertising click toll mode, it is difficult to grasp the advertising budget! With this, specifically recommended "AIM search engine fixed text / Image banner ads "service, the service not only provides a larger advertising position, but also provides fixed ad position ranking, text + image advertising content, home page unlimited clicks, 7X24 hours advertising display, so that customers can fully display the promotion Information, bring more direct business opportunities.

AIM search engine fixed text / picture banner advertising advantage

Fixed position exposure
• Your ad appears on your homepage to show your ads more eye-catching
• 7X24 hours of advertising uninterrupted display, so that more people see the ad
Image of the ad content
• Show more ad content to make your ads more appealing
• Home great advertising position, so that advertising at a glance
Easier to master your budget
• Fixed position display guarantee, no need to put the budget in advertising management
• Fixed charge mode is no longer affected by keyword auctions

AIM search engine fixed text / picture banner ad introduction
Yahoo Hong Kong "Brand Search Promotion"

In the brand keyword search results page of the eye position, showing the customer's text + image ads, more effective promotion of the company brand image.

Provide three advertising display mode, customers can choose to promote the demand

For more information about Yahoo! Brand Search Promotions - please call 852 - 2243 0803
Yahoo Hong Kong "Search for fixed location ads"

Provide fixed text ads in the search results page on the right side of the high position, the monthly fee model to provide 24X7 hour exposure, unlimited click service.

For more information about Yahoo! Yahoo Search for Fixed Location Ads
- Please call 852 - 2243 0803
Baidu (China) brand area

Provide a fixed designated ad position at the top of the search results page, the service is suitable for promoting the company brand.

Provide three levels of presentation style, standard style, advanced style and custom style, and customers can choose according to the company's promotion needs.

For more information about Baidu brand area service
- Please call 852 - 2243 0803
Will be (China) fixed position ads

Displayed on the right side of the search results page to promote the service in the form of keywords.

1: text + image fixed position ad
Show on the right side of the search results page when the eye position

2: text fixed position ads
Show at the bottom right of the search results page

If you want to know more likely to be (China) fixed location advertising services
- Please call 852 - 2243 0803

For more information on AIM search engine fixed text / picture banner ads - please call 852 - 2243 0803