Aim 網頁 固定橫額廣告 ( 香港及國際 )

Through the AIM fixed banner ads to the customer's marketing messages appear in the major sites (such as: discussion area, search engine platform, social networking sites, blog ...), with the promotion team on the professional advice, more effective To distribute the customer's promotional funds to the most appropriate promotion site. In the establishment of brand image at the same time to attract more potential customers take the initiative to find the door, with low promotional costs to get like a big business propaganda!

AIM Fixed Banner Advertising Charges

Cost Per Mille (Cost Per Mille, or Cost Per Thousand; Cost Per Impressions), that is, the cost per thousand impressions, the cost of the ad bar for every 1000 impressions (impressions). CPM (thousand cost) refers to the advertising process, hear or see an ad of each person to share the average number of advertising costs. In online advertising, CPM depends on the "impression" scale, which is usually understood as the number of times a person's eyes gaze at an ad for a fixed period of time.

(Such as: Yahoo Hong Kong, MSN Hong Kong, Uwants discussion area, OpenRice, etc.), to provide fixed-fee unlimited click service (which can be used in the fixed mode fee (which can be charged on week / month). , No need to worry about keyword bidding issues, easier to grasp the budget, more effective control of advertising costs, far better than the general text search click ads!

Our advantage

Qualified professional advertising analyst for customer analysis and tailor-made the most suitable publicity program
With many years of banners advertising design experience of the creative team, designed for customers unique advertising
24X7 Monitor your customers' campaigns around the clock so customers do not have to worry about advertising
Provide advertising analysis reports, so that customers more clearly understand the advertising effectiveness
Quick and reliable advertising support team for all customer-related questions and inquiries

Fixed banner ad position display (Hong Kong)

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Yahoo Hong Kong
Hong Kong's most popular search engine site, providing a variety of popular information.
Uwants discussion area
Hong Kong is one of the most popular online forums for members to discuss various topics.
Hong Kong discussion area
"A Hong Kong only a Hong Kong discussion area "slogan, to provide a local comprehensive discussion site.
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Hong Kong Gordon Forum
Hong Kong's most popular computer information website, mainly to provide computer information and a number of thematic discussions.
It is the largest food and beverage website in Hong Kong to provide the latest dietary and restaurant information. 。
Hong Kong price network
Hong Kong Internet users commonly used price website, mainly to provide the latest trend of electronic product information!
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Ming Pao website
One of the major news newspapers in Hong Kong, the website provides news, entertainment, education, job search and other information.
Apple Daily Network
Famous Hong Kong media news, for the people of Hong Kong to provide real-time news and information.
Designated for Hong Kong classified advertising sites, all sectors of the industry can be used in the website for promotion.


Fixed Banner Advertising Location (International)

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Sogou dog
China's famous search engine, providing music, pictures, video, news and other search services.
MSN United States
Microsoft's website, providing entertainment, shopping, news and other information.
Fox News
Internationally renowned cable TV - Fox News website news website, providing various types of international news reports
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US high-tech media website, regularly publish the latest news on science and technology information, articles.
The Weather Channel
The world famous weather channel information website, providing different countries and local weather reports.
in the United States commonly used knowledge of Wikipedia website, for Internet users to provide a variety of trivial problems of life answers.
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The global news community website reports daily news of the world.
Well-known sports information website, providing international information such as football, basketball, golf and so on.
World famous encyclopedia website, providing various types of practical reference materials.


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