General web company web design services, the cost does not include hosting services, the final hidden charges tend to be higher than the budget! CM2800 exclusive design page has included the necessary services, suitable for most of the customer needs. At the discount price, for your ideal design of the page.
 CM2800 content include :
‧ Fixed 7 units of A4 size of the page production ‧ 1 page template selection
‧ The number of product photos is 20 sheets ‧ Static banners design 1
‧ Automatic email response form 1 ‧ Trademark production 1 (plain text)
In addition to CM2800, there are other value-added services, some concessions during the delivery: 
First year web hosting service (hosting service includes this web page database)
Do not provide FTP services, such as the need to provide FTP services, plus HK $ 1500 a year (capacity 1G)
Pop3 email service 10
Searchers such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, and so on
Free login in the popular website "』
Note: If you need senior designer planning and design, can be quoted separately
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Angel's Aroma
晴舍設計 Shdesign
NailNail HK
HK Baby Sitter

We are not an ordinary web design company, we have created a lot of different types of WebDesigns! , WebHosting companies will provide a template page to the customers to choose, AIM in addition to the template also offers for the customer exclusive design of a website, customers can choose their own color, format to design a website belonging to individuals or companies.

For customers to complete the site, but also for customers to upload all the information on the site to solve the customer upload data trouble. You can participate in our website backup service (BackUp Services), to understand the recent hacker theft site problems, AIM has monthly web service backup page for customer backup, at any time do not have to worry about no page back up.

Exclusive design is to attract users to stay on the website page, guide them to understand your message or product, so that they continue to browse, when there is a beautiful site it it useful for online marketing services for your site to bring new customers, but if coupled with AIM online SEO, e-mail service, click on advertising services, bring your Business to the next level! AIM company to help SMEs to expand the different markets, through online publicity services, develop different publicity effect!