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-「HKIRC於打擊假網站及濫發電郵方面不違餘力,亦為業界的真正領導者….其努力亦導致『.hk』成為現有最安全的頂級域名之一。」 - Internet Identity 主席及首席技術總監Rod Rasmussen。
-『.hk』一向致力打擊假網站,亦成為重要合作伙伴之一,如參與遏止假網站的Digital Phishnet 項目。我們亦高興見到「.hk」已實施新措施,以全力執行打擊網上罪行,尤其是網上一些騙案。 這方面的確為我們帶來重大的益處。」 - 微軟高級區域經理(亞太區)網絡安全及防偽 - 馮偉强先生

行政總裁謝達安  謹啟

We are writing in response to recent media reports on dangerous websites using ‘.hk’ domain names.  We understand that the matter might have got your attention or even caused concern.  A media briefing was held on 5th June 2008 and a press release has been issued on this matter.  We would like to reiterate the following:
-First of all, the McAfee report claimed to report the situation in 2008 but the data were collected in 2007, hence grossly outdated in the fast-moving internet world.  While it said that 9.9 million websites have been tested, it is suspected that most of the malicious sites tested several months ago no long exist.
-Secondly, since March 2007, HKIRC has been working closely with Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA), Hong Kong Police and Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT) to monitor and control the situation of suspicious websites using ‘.hk’ domains. 
-Thirdly, HKIRC has also put in place various measures against suspicious websites since 2007.  The number of reports on phishing and spamvertising using ‘.hk’ has decreased substantially from an average of 38 per day in 2007 to 3 per day in 2008 (January to May) – a drop of 92%. 
We are also delighted to have the support from the industry and overseas organizations, and here’s what they said about HKIRC’s effort so far:
-They (HKIRC) are truly industry leaders when it comes to anti-phishing and anti-spam domain operations…. These efforts have made .hk one of the VERY SAFEST TLDs in the world at the moment.” – from Rod Rasmussen, President and CTO, Internet Identity
-.hk domain is continuing to be a value partner in the anti-phishing effort such as the Digital Phishnet project.  We are happy to learn that .hk has implemented new strategy in supporting Law Enforcement against cybercrime especially various internet frauds.  This is a major win for a lot of us.” - from Anthony Fung, Senior Regional Manager (Asia Pacific), Internet Safety and Anti-Counterfeiting , Microsoft
The fight against internet crime is a never-ending battle.  According to a report from e-mail security services provider MessageLabs, over 85% of HK’s email traffic last month was spam.  Internet crime could not be brought down in a day and we will continue to strengthen our efforts.  Meanwhile, we would also like to call on the community to be aware of these issues and report any concerns to relevant authorities.

Jonathan Shea
Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited


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