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Commercial design services

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The brand visual elements in the space
How to brand ideas and style extended to the commercial space, depends on brand designers and interior designers to work together to succeed. And we have a cohesive interior space design team for support, they have a considerable experience in commercial space design, good at the brand of visual elements in space, in Hong Kong and international competition also won many awards.

From concept to construction and implementation, we all need to be in close contact with the parties to reach a consensus and successfully put creative programs into the market.

The basic process is as follows:
Contact the customer's project brief
Submit a concept map or idea to a customer
Construction drawings (eg 3d chart, Floor Plan, etc.)
Implement the implementation of construction

Commercial space design projects are probably as follows:
Retail shop space design
Shop shop space design
Exhibition site design
Temporary shop (Pop-Up Store)
Shopping mall signs sign (Signage Design)
Shop wall design

  Case 1: Double Circle

By the customer commissioned for their glasses shop space design and processing, the concept is to show the glasses as a part of fashion and life, because the price to take the popular line, so like all the glasses as a boutique for guests to get their own hands.

Interior design

  Case 2: XinRun

Interior design


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