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Why you need to add links?
To carry out search engine optimization SEO, in addition to the basic web design requirements, to increase the link (BackLinks), are one of the important work.

What is a sitelink? ?
Its the link between sites or web pages. The focus of this step is to keep your website pages connected to each other and have more links to other sites. Of course, the link to the popularity of the site is very important, when someone is willing to put in your website inside the link to your site, on behalf of vote for you, also means that you agree with your site. If the site link is not doing well, it will complain to other sites. Also ask if your site content is very bad, no value to the users at all, who is willing to link you?

Such as in a pile of the same nature of the site, the more people are willing to put in your website inside the link to your website, not on behalf of this is a good quality station?
This is the most basic assumption of the search engine, is a very user-friendly point of view, because the site is willing to put in your website inside your website link = your website popular.

Our BackLinks service is a link to your website that is willing to put your site in your website, so that the search engine is considered a good site, more willing to enhance your site's ranking.
Service Brief:
Own web pages between the pages of each other.

The web pages are connected to each other and can enhance the popularity of your website.
We will analyze the keywords for each page, and when this keyword is mentioned on another page, we will be the quality of your site and the correct link.
Service Brief:
Other sites link to your website.
We will guide you how to add good content, be referenced to other sites, posted or added to recommended opportunities.
We will check out the current list of possible listings that have the opportunity to link you and have been missed.
In addition, we will arrange some link bait activities, and a substantial increase in the popularity of the site.
* Please do not make friends with gambling and pornography sites. For search engines, these are bad sites that hurt you only and do not increase the popularity of your site.

●Our unique system is able to add your links to any blog over 10,000 google index.
● These are high quality blogs, each with a separate domain name.
● More than 800 of these blogs have a Google PageRank 1 or higher.
● You can create links for existing blog posts, our network has more than 6000 blogs, blog posts published more than 100,000.
● Create a text link in the Help column in the right column of the site.
● At the bottom of the blog site appears at the bottom of your link.