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The use of e-commerce business is now a lot of Hong Kong people desire things, because the cost of small, free management time, and the opening is very simple, as long as the establishment of a website can be opened, but ... ... so really easy to succeed?

If even some basic e-commerce knowledge is lacking, then it is doomed to failure! So this course combines a large number of failures and success stories, to provide you with a large number of popular and effective e-commerce program.
andSEOSearch engine optimization isE - commerceThe most important part of the ring.
Suitable person: Network editor, website planning, personal webmaster, SEO specialist, SEO consultant, web planning manager, web
Promotion director, website operation engineer, foreign trade promotion director, network marketing commissioner, independent business.
Class approach: Online teaching or teaching in person
Search Engine Optimization
The first section : Explain what is SEO 1.SEO error legend
2.The Origin and History of SEO
3.The principle of the search engine and website ranking
4.Different regions of the search engine
5.What is an external link
6.What is an internal link
Section II : Start SEO to prepare for anything 1.SEO workflow
2.The mentality and ideas of SEO
3.How to add SEO skills
Section III : Analyze and select keywords 1.What is a popular keyword?
2.What is the long tail keyword?
3.Introduce the keyword survey tool
4.How to copy keywords that are useful for peers?
Section IV : SEO Website architecture 1.How to allocate text and images
2.meta tag the establishment of
3.Determine the number of layers
4.Content assignment in content
5.Linking external and internal analysis
6.Search engine most do not like the site architecture
Section 5 : SEO Cheating 1.Search engine is the most annoying thing
2.Search engine overlook
3.Search engine keyword overlay
4.Old style Search Engine Optimization method
5.Abuse of pictures alt and keyword
Section 6 : Keyword analysis 1.Introduce regional keywords
2.Introducing the Keyword Analysis Tool
3.Keyword use
4.Analyze opponent website keywords
Section VII : Increase the weight fraction method 1.The attractiveness of the URL
2.The location of the host
3.The update rate of the site content
4.Number of sitelinks(External links and internal links)
5.Set up a new rate schedule for the site
6.How to increase site traffic
Section VIII : SEO Tool introduction 1.Flow analysis tools
2.Analyze Linkage Tool
3.Analyze ranking tools
4.Add link tool
5.Automatic press release tool
6.Automatically submit the Finder tool
Section 9 : SEO Case Case Case Case Case