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The SEO company, when the list will be completed after the list
And Aim will provide a detailed monthly SEO analysis report for SMEs, as if invited a market statistics assistant!!

Monthly SEO reports include:

→ To provide the last month with the flow of people this month contrast

→ View the month's highest position page

→ Know the latest list of keywords

→ Recently dropped keywords
→ Potential keywords

→ Clear the record
    - Complete the project this month
    - This month about SEO advice
    - Completed project
    - Email / phone
→ Memorandum records are not completed

At the same time, understand that SMEs do not necessarily have their own market planners, we also provide consultancy services, including:

24-hour web traffic tool
In response to changes in the site or the article itself, the advantages of making web sites instantly

Show main searchers current rankings
Understand the effectiveness of the site after optimization, so as to make site adjustments to improve the ranking

Website analysis report and suggestion
The rules of visitor visits are combined with the network marketing strategy to analyze the feasibility of judging click location and product sales

Keyword ranking comparison
Evaluate the business value of the keywords, and suggest the keywords that are most effective in raising awareness

Understand and analyze the quality of your website and the quality requirements of the search engine

Improve and analyze your website Meta Tags to make the best site relevance and order

Competitor website report
Analyze the main competitor's website, understand the advantages of their respective websites, and make recommendations for enhanced competitiveness

Import the keywords associated with the keywords and the search volume for each keyword
All keywords need to be added to increase the chances and increase the flow of people

Professional data report
In the form of consultants to help you promote online publicity, change to achieve the perfect promotion effect