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Pass the message
The ability to deliver a message to a customer or consumer's mind in a short period of time is the main function of a print / poster. So a creative idea and interesting visual elements are extremely important to advertisements / posters, because the success of the work depends on these seconds.

Form a team
We have creative team, creativewriter (Copywriter), photographer and designer who have been creative director of 4As advertising company, and can make tailor-made advertising strategy for customers. In addition, because of the rise of new media, such as: Facebook, Youtube, etc., interactive advertising planning has come into being, this is our new trend of service.
Trademark design
Card letterhead envelope design
Print advertising poster design media advertising
Leaflet design

  Case 1: Amway Amway

Commissioned by their customers for their technology products clever products "smart water purifier" and "air purifier" to design a series of advertising. After the initial communication with the customer and market research, the decision to promote the target is the office environment. The following is our final plan with our customers.

Program theme: do not partner with bacteria

This series of advertising is the idea of anthropomorphic bacteria, into your colleagues around, that invisible bacteria in fact all the time hidden in your office.

  Case 2: Yu Rensheng Eu Yan Sang

By Yu Rensheng commissioned the design of a 50 yuan cash coupons promotional advertising for the store at the end of the use. And this time the focus is clearly on the screen processing skills. Visualiser and Retoucher How to combine this figure with a scarf will be the key to this ad.

  Case 3: Yin Xi Education Little Artist Limited

Theater Theater for Cinema Education The TheaterGames "Miracle Drama" designed the poster to show the benefits of the event for the children through a simple and easy chart.

  Case 4: Apocalypse Company SDA EXPRESS

Revelation Express company to provide customers with fast and accurate delivery services in Hong Kong. Whether from Hong Kong to the country or from the domestic to Hong Kong various types of goods, through the launch of a comprehensive distribution network, each shipment can be more secure and more efficient delivery.

  Case 5: DIAPIA

DIAPIA company is committed to share the beauty of the power, because the beauty of the world collecting beauty products

  Case 6: Delta Travel Facebook Advertising

Because Facebook ad text can only account for 20% of the overall screen space, so how can the message in a limited space clearly expressed is the primary goal.

  Case 7: Health Massage Square

All types of banners: guests only need to provide text and pictures, we will be able to complete the design within three working days with the printing, the details can call inquiries.

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