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Sogou offer:

Search the search engine
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Set up dynamic keywords

Sogou browser plus Sogou search engine

High-speed Internet access, and another original pre-take engine technology, leading the major guests into your site, enter the business conversation.
Sogou tactile input method, can be downloaded from the domestic official website, reputation and use can be guaranteed.
Also won the domestic online software awards. Typing fast, thesaurus, the appearance of Variety, so that Internet users love hand.


Sogou promotion features!
You can add the following four points to your potential customers:


Ask the guests to inquire
So that guests have the intention to buy, want to query the product
    Show your text and image information
Show no charge, can infinitely enhance the visibility
Let the guests enter your website
Enhance brand memory, deepen the customer's impression
    Let the guest click on the ad
Make online guests serve your website/Product interest




image / Animation   Increase the message input, dynamic image, a bit of desire, impact visual
Writing   Combined with brand and advertising impressions, the message is more detailed
Image creative   Classic analysis design


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