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Aim Google Click on ads for you

Reach our target customers in Hong Kong and around the world through Google Adwords and the Google Network for our online business customers

World Economic Forum 2014

"Global Information Technology Report 2014" Hong Kong's Network Readiness Index Hong Kong has become the forefront of Asia

Hong Kong people use the habit of mobile phones, Hong Kong has become a part of life, companies want to achieve the efficient marketing, reflective network marketing is one of the rings


Why? Aim Google Adwords Keyword Advertiser Help?

Reason: Google keyword advertising is very simple to set up, but to achieve efficient online promotion results, the future optimization and analysis of online advertising results is very important, and I have a wealth of online marketing experience to reduce the cost of advertising and commission online Advertising costs, is definitely our expertise.

  Aim Google ads provided

Set up a Google advertising account for guests

Set up keywords

Set the analysis of the guests industry
Suggest different long tail type hot keywords
Optimize clickthrough rate with low keyword issues
Research relevance, specificity
Set up dynamic keywords


Set up advertising

Statistics for customers
Use keyword insertion to increase CTR
Set up dynamic advertising, to enhance the observability, quarterly simplicity
Generate multiple ad content to increase conversion rates
Suggest a call to action

Web design company
This month can be registered 95 fold
$2800 10 page design
Online promotion company
Register to enjoy free domain name
$4000起 SEO services
Action customer set up to join the location 〈Location extensions〉And telephone number〈Call extensions
Adjust the effect of different high click image ads

Advertisement is available -
Basic text search ads
Dynamic text search ads
Time and location ads

Your store, within 500M of the target

Mobile phone advertising
Google Sourcing Hong Kong net 2 million impressions per month

Some of the major APP exposures, Aim will analyze and filter high-performance APP ads for guests



Remarketing〈Re-marketing〉,see Re-marketing Details
Dynamic Product Information Advertising
Set up Google Merchant Center
- Create dynamic ad content
- Link Google Shopping

Video ad〈Youtube〉

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