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Hong Kong keyword advertising
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Beginning in 2007, click-to-pay PPC (Pay Per Click) ads have become a favorite event for online operators because they have a formal fee when they use the "link" link with the previous advertiser, so it's easier to control the cost of advertising.


Domestic keyword advertising
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Baidu use by 2012 has become one of China's largest common search engine. Including basic search ads, mobile phones / Wireless search APP promotion, network alliances click advertising and so on. Aim has been providing tailor-made search and extension services to customers in the domestic market for many years, so that customers can start a hundred million online business at a more reasonable cost.


PPC ( pay per click ) Is a per-click record to calculate a kind of online advertising pricing model, pay-per-click advertising, many small and medium-sized enterprises used to buy this search engine specific layout of the keyword marketing, why the use of PPC billing way to pay pay system ( pay per click ), For the following reasons:

1. Directly to find the target customers, different from the luck of the interference brainwashing advertising
2. Fast performance, suitable for short-term promotion of users
1. By keyword charges, more competitors
2. Click on the charge, like burning silver paper
If you want the page to have long-range search rankings, stable advertising charges, SEO will be more understanding of you. ( To understandingseo )

In the past, consumers' buying behavior was linear; now, buying behavior changed to non-linear behavior. The purchase behavior changes to a non-linear behavior.

In the 21st century, consumers, buying behavior has become a non-linear behavior. Physical access, television advertising, print ads.
Network media, forming a staggered shopping chain.
The study found that both the use of online advertising and keyword advertising, users greatly enhance the viscosity, the purchase process is not interrupted.
The main search ads include:
Yahoo! Hong Kong and worldwide
Google Hong Kong and worldwide (238 countries)
Sina /
Hong Kong,Overseas and China
Search engines rank online in an important position, why:
At present, nine people will use the Yahoo! search engine to find information and product information.
While the use of Yahoo! and Google search engines around the world to find information and product information there are Jiucheng half。
55% of online transactions are search results from search engines, while banners are only 9%. 
Keyword advertising search promotion services in Yahoo! Yahoo and Google search engine promotion, advertisers can get a higher network of publicity and e-commerce investment returns. List your site search results in Yahoo! Yahoo and Google's most prominent position, in the peer industry come to the fore, let you more accurately face the target customer base, the effective customer to your website and marketing, to find potential Of the buyers, so that your business opportunities greatly increased.
To bring the target customer to your company through Yahoo Yahoo and Google Finder.
The professional search engine consultants will first analyze important information about your company's industry traits, products, services and marketing programs, and then select the search terms for your target customers to select the most relevant search terms for your company and introduce your search for your target customers website.
How to increase your search engine rankings:
Increased number of visitors from search engines increased by 60-8000%。
Increasing the search engine rank will give you 20% -60% of online business. There are more than 1 billion existing web pages in the world and are rapidly increasing. So, if you want to expand your business to the rest of the world, you have to increase your site's ranking in the search engine.
To promote the goods to the rest of the world, from which to capture a large number of business opportunities.
Increase sales, Sale Lead and increase returns.
Use the least cost to make your business to achieve the highest promotional benefits, enhance the company's turnover to help you show the company's website ads in the major search sites
Service Provided:
Keyword ad search promotion service
Professional editorial design to promote your company's advertising content
Professional choice of useful keywords
Professional editor ad description and content
Professional website advertising report and analysis
In line with your company's target customer distribution, experienced online advertising planning consultants to your company's web page in the major search machiNe "Yahoo !, Google, Msn, Timway,, orisum, ask, etc。
The distribution of target customers - Hong Kong = Login Yahoo!
The distribution of target customers - Global = login Yahoo!, Google as the main search engine, such as: Google, Yahoo !, MSN's main competitor's website.
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