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n an era of information explosion, in addition to web design, goods / products such as no clear concept of packaging design, I believe that soon was forgotten. If the product can be a unique concept of packaging and the introduction of the market, will be able to attract market attention, but also to promote the brand's central idea.

Familiar with the use of different materials
Our design team to consider not only the external beauty, we also take into account the brand publicity, box shape, structure, the selection of different materials, feel, and even weight, how can fully express the character of the product or product And the style of the brand. Always it is different from the plane works, packaging design is to let consumers choose.

The headings of packaging and product design are summarized as follows:
Food packaging design ( Food Packaging Design )
Wine packaging design ( Wine Packaging Design )
Tea packaging design ( Tea Packaging Design )
Household goods packaging design ( Housewares Packaging Design )
product design( Product Design )
Brand design and planning
Brand application manual
Brand packaging design

  Case 1: Qiaoism ( Cookieism )

This is a gift box designed for a cookie shop.

  Case 2: Cheers to our earth

This is a series of glasses designed to be organized for an environmental organization's advocacy cycle. And the material is the glass we usually discard the different parts of the plastic bottles.

  Case 3: Ratio

Tim's philosophy is to create a quality and modern home for its customers and to plan and carry out quality construction projects.
We know Tim than the specially designed a set of unique envelope letterhead, to strengthen their corporate style, so that their customers to deepen the impression.

  Case 4: Kam Yi Chazhuang


By the guests commissioned to help them re-design of tea cans and bags, due to a wide variety of tea, the designer suggested that they will be divided into tea series, the first to facilitate consumer identification, the second to unify the brand's visual effects, Strengthen the brand to convey to the customer's message.

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