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First impression
With the customer first meet or know, often make the other side to leave the first impression is the card, envelopes and letterheads. Through it will be able to your company's direction, style, attitude and so have a preliminary understanding. So a set of cards in place, envelopes and letterhead design is absolutely necessary.

Never flow
We are not printing the general design template (Template), and then to the customer name company design company. Because most of the card design, envelope and letterhead design are with a set of brand plans and launched, so we must negotiate with customers, communication. Understand what they need, and come to get everyone to agree with the program.

When we receive the commission, we will first contact with the customer, to be clear to understand the case, we generally will submit two to three sets of design options to customers choose one, and then follow the design of the program to develop.
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Card letterhead envelope design
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Leaflet design

  Case 1: DAY

A shop for online business in Korea and Japan. We make "Make a different DAY "for the concept, to create more than 300 reminiscent of the DAY letter pattern to express the big difference is to continue to explore and experience the idea.

So the card we specially printed for a variety of guests for the selection.

Envelope design

  Case 2: Silvercord

This is a set of business cards and envelopes designed for a game entertainment center.

Envelope design

  Case 3: XinRun

This is a set of business cards and envelopes designed for an interior garment factory.

Envelope design

  Case 4: RATIO Timby

Tim's philosophy is to create a quality and modern home for its customers and to plan and carry out quality construction projects.

We know Tim than the specially designed a set of unique envelope letterhead, to strengthen their corporate style, so that their customers to deepen the impression.

Envelope design

  Case 5: HK Guoxin Hong Kong Guoxin

Hong Kong Guoxin Industrial Investment Group Co., Ltd Guoxin Investment Group Limited was established on 29 September 2009 and is registered as: 1377643, belonging to the Hong Kong (Private Limited).

card design

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