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In addition to the name and pattern...

Logo (Logo) In addition to showing the brand name and logo, a successful trademark can also show its market positioning and personality, and deeply into the hearts of consumers. With the evolution of the times, in line with a set of brand promotion planning, in addition to trademarks, but also designed to extend to different projects to support the visual elements, so that the whole brand plan is more abundant.

We usually want to do is to be able to communicate with customers, a clear understanding of the brand in the market value and positioning, and then design a truly representative of the brand's trademark.
Trademark design
Card letterhead envelope design
Print advertising poster design media advertising
Leaflet design

  Case 1: Qiaoism (Cookieism)

Cookies is an online store that sells handmade cookies and Western pastries. We are entrusted by the client to conceive of their overall strategy, from the shop name, trademark, packaging, advertising and website are we need to take into account.
The following is our final plan with our customers.

A name with a personality

A distinctive and personalized name is very important to the brand, the new school and can produce a high standard cookie is the brand want to bring out the message, so named for the novelist. In addition, we have designed an angel pattern for the box and other peripheral products, hoping to enhance the customer's sense of the brand.

Trademark design

  Case 2: Seven Floor

By a franchise sold in Japan and South Korea fashion upstairs shop commissioned for their design of the brand's trademark and store site.

Extended trademark
Because shop business in the 7th floor, so directly to 7F to represent the brand's trademark. On the other hand, taking into account the site, packaging, or space design on the need for supporting the design, so the trademark also has both extension function, can evolve into a unique pattern .

Trademark design

  Case 3: JOURNEYS
  Case 4: CD Treasure Shop
This is a trademark developed by a game development company for an adventure game.   CD collection of treasures collected around the world nostalgic discs, can be regarded as a library of the library. The trademark of the vinyl discs has shown us a staunch attitude towards nostalgia.

  Case 5: Malina
  Case 6: Miracle Theater
Case 6: Miracle Theater   Hong Kong "Yin Xi Education" to provide quality of drama and music teaching, the use of high-quality mentor and teaching courses, in a relaxed and pleasant way to let children from the "experience" healthy growth. So the use of colorful colors, on behalf of free and unrestrained, no longer confined to the traditional teaching model.

  Case 7: Hui mind transport
  Case 8: Wing Yuen Slightly Company Limited
Hui-chi transport in Hong Kong over the years to provide professional fishing truck transport services, but also to the dazzling red as the main color, a symbol of transport services to the guests enthusiasm.   Yongyuan Shingye Co., Ltd. Since the establishment of the millennium, has always been the purpose of "saving time, security first" to provide customers with high-quality bamboo shed services. Dedicated to the traditional process of bamboo shed to pragmatic and exceptional thinking continued to improve, follow the pace of society, so that each of our customers get a need.

  Case 9: FaFa
  Case 10: Heart Research Wedding Evening Co., Ltd.
FaFa is the target customer to young women, with a young girl as a trademark, simple and direct. I hope every guest to patronize the guests will be exudes a youthful atmosphere, revealing fashion temperament.   Wedding shop trademark design, as long as the guests have a clear reference we will be able to 1-2 Days to complete the work, very suitable for low budget small and medium customers.

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