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In addition to the phone, send a query email, how can your guests contact you? Use the online chat system to achieve online dialogue function, both visitors can immediately to the online attendant inquiries, visitors can also visit the initiative to invite the dialogue, take the initiative to let your site speak. The site of the customer service can be the same as the radar, the site for real-time monitoring, you can effectively grasp the visitor's source address, search keywords, which page is being accessed, so that advertising can play the greatest effect. At present we AIM also has a variety of language versions for everyone to choose.

The online instant dialogue system includes:

Clear on the line / Offline display Instantly monitor online access dynamics Intelligent dialog box system
Flow inspection system Customer management system Take the initiative to invite
Filter visitors Message function  

Clear on the line / Offline display
Many online instant dialogue system can not clearly show whether the customer service staff is on duty, so many times the site has missed a number of potential customers.The online instant dialogue system does not have this problem, so that the guests greatly enhance the query.

nstantly monitor online access dynamics
Weekdays we only know that guests have visited our website, but do not know which page they visited, how long to visit, this is a big drawback. Because we do not know which page visitors prefer, more attractive to them. Now we do not have this problem, because we have an instant monitoring system to get all the above information.

Intelligent dialog box system
A multi-functional dialog box system, it is the first step to increase marketing:

This function means that the visitor's input in the dialog box but not sent can be seen in advance so that you can make a judgment on what the visitor wants to say. And visitors for the first time to play the text often on behalf of his immediate psychological, this time if we can use this feature in the first time prejudge the psychological visitors can be described as a multiplier.

Two-way local file transfer
Visitors and online attendants can exchange files between each other, open format, you can see the progress of the transmission tips.
And online instant dialogue system can also automatically save the file sent, you can also add other files, if necessary to send when you do not have to temporarily add, save the work of online attendants to improve work efficiency.

Two-way screenshots
In fact, many online attendants with visitors to communicate, there will be difficult to describe the situation of the text, this time, two-way screenshots feature can help both sides immediately intercept the screen image, and sent to each other. As long as the solution to the barriers to communication, naturally bring you more business.

  Visitors to this dialogue vote evaluation
In order to improve the quality of online attendant services, visitors and online attendants during the dialogue to provide a guest evaluation function, so that visitors to the online attendant service quality to evaluate the quality of the online call staff directly affect the quality of the order , So that you can monitor the quality of online service staff.

Flow inspection system

Visitor source identification and track tracking
Web site business have identification and track tracking function, a visit to the site for visitors is a process of tracking the time from the guests entered the site, the way to enter the site, the current visit to the page and visit time, Like the radar as a full monitoring of each landing site visitors to help the marketing staff to analyze.

Customer management system
Customer management function, you can mark the customer's nickname, phone, QQ, MSN, address, unit, important level, business type, customer service and so on and so on, and each guest has their own unique identification, so when the same Guests next time landing the site, the online attendants are more customers to communicate with customers, to obtain their trust.

Permanent identification
Permanent identification can be embodied in several ways, such as visitor names, historical records, and visitors to visit the logo and so on for all guests can be permanently positioned, as long as the same computer on the operation, will be considered to be used The same identity to identify the location.

Take the initiative to invite
Active invitations are a very important feature, and when you see some of the guests who have been browsing for a long time and see them visit a few pages, you can take the initiative to invite them to talk and understand their needs.

Filter visitors

Online attendants can according to their own work needs, browse the site visitors to customize the arbitrary set of screening, select some important customers, so that they are more likely to find the visitors you want to see. You can filter based on visitor's location, information, recent contacts, all recent contacts, visitor tracks, visitors. This feature makes it easier for managers and receptionists to grab key visitors and increase sales.

Message function
When the customer service is not online, the site will automatically switch to a business message system, the next customer service to open the website business can view the message content and process customer message.

  You can customize the options for guest comments
  You can set the Chinese, traditional, English, Japanese and Korean message interface
  You can sort the message settings
  You can note that the message can not be changed, in the follow-up message when the additional mark.
  Message data inside you can view the previous visit track
  Visitors who have mailboxes can reply directly to the other email address
  You can set the customer service permissions (view and delete the message function)
  You can set the time period to view the message
  You can view guest details for free calls and text messages
  Can be authorized to view the message
  You can query a specific message

Report management
Analyze the analysis report for that period based on the day specified by you, as follows:

Dialogue analysis Traffic Analysis Comprehensive analysis
According to the initial reception of customer service statistics dialogue Monthly statistics Statistics by date
Participate in the reception of customer service statistics dialogue Statistics by day Statistics by time
According to the invitation to participate in the customer service statistics dialogue According to search engine statistics Statistics by region
Press the search engine statistics Search by keyword search According to the search engine statistical results
Search by keyword for keyword search According to friendship statistics Search by keyword search results
Follow the link to the statistics Statistics by page traffic Press the link to calculate the effect
Statistics conversations by visitor area Monthly statistics  
Communicate by dialogue source Statistics by day  
Group conversations by sector Statistics by time  
Count conversations by month    
Statistics dialogue by day    
Statistics conversations by time    
Customer service quality report    
Guest rating statistics report    
Customer service dialogue score report    

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