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It is clear that the demand for web hosting is growing, and that many customers have said: "At least buy a domain name so that the card can have a company email." So, there are a lot of cheap web hosting service. Many small and medium enterprises already have a company domain name, but when they began to want to write a web page, found the following questions:

The domain name of the colleagues have left, you can not retrieve the domain name ownership, What do you do?
My domain does not include web hosting, how do you do?
bought a buy for 20 years, the domain name company has been closed, how do you do?
My domain name registration limit pageview (Bandwidth), the number of people every day to 100 people can not browse, want to go away and contact the domain name company leader, how do you do?

Aim In addition to providing web design services, but also provide web hosting services, hoping to provide one-stop one-stop service, the above questions, not a problem for Aim.

The domain name of the colleagues will never leave, because the domain name directly from the Aim purchasing!
Aim domain name must be associated with web hosting, web page directly to find Aim, to provide one-stop service!
Aim was founded in 2006, in Hong Kong has a certain reputation, absolute confidence to ensure that!
Aim's H980 offers unlimited hosting services and bandwidth (Bandwidth), if your site has a certain amount of views, we will say is: "Congratulations!"


Aim Is it more expensive to register than outside?
HKD20 a month Of the company, we will not compare, because we provide customers the best quality of web hosting services, carefully selected the latest and most stable high-speed host, with the installation of the highest quality room and lines.
Where Aim's servers are stored? Will it be an industrial building?
At present, Aim servers are selected to be stored in NTT HKNET and HDC data center, providing customers with global high-speed connection.

Why are you looking for Aim?
Aim n addition to web hosting, we also provide domain name applications, web pages, online promotion, hoping to one-stop service to customer confidence assurance.
Why is my site in the overseas cache (Loading) very slow? Will Aim meet?
To understand the current regional problems, such as in Hong Kong to connect foreign data centers need time, causing load pictures, the film cache is very slow, Aim Provides a number of high-speed host with the web hosting service, you can contact usQuotes
Will Aim solve the technical problems of the site for me?
As long as your website is written by Aim, Aim will provide services to customers, including a variety of web hosting related to the network services, all web hosting server are carried out 24 Hours network and security monitoring, to avoid a variety of technical problems server.

Customers do not have to worryInvestment BusinessAnd manpower to make your site appear on the Internet and log in and manage your site anytime, anywhere.

What about a hosting service?

Customer A :
I want to be aOnline store, that can display a lot of products
But I will not, because this is a company with no IT staff
What about the hosting service?

Believe ( H980 ) in Aim unlimited hosting service Meet your needs
Infinite flow, storage
99.5% Online protection, backup power supply system, UPS anti - power system
24/7 person system monitoring, email technical support, Aim act as your IT staff
System is regularly maintained
Plus 10POP3 Email

Customer B :
I am a small and medium-sized boss, the industry to sell the products, the page can be a simple design
On the contrary, I would like to increase the e-mail space, because we often recruit sales staff, but also often have sales staff leave
I need to be free to increase/Delete e-mail self-help background, a registered service to meet my requirements?

You can take another place ( H1G-E ) Aim 1GB Email hosting service
Provide 1GB email space
Provide e-mail console privileges, free to set up, delete email
Can be e-mail backup, set up charge control, mail filtering
99.5% Online protection, backup power supply system, UPS anti - power system
24/7 Personal system monitoring

Customer C :
I am a photographer and will put a good picture for the guests FFTP easy to trade
Do you have a pure FTP service?

Yes, you can join us (H1G-F) Aim 1GBWeb page FTP hosting service
Available FTP for customers to upload file files
99.5% Online protection, backup power supply system, UPS anti - power system
24/7 manual system monitoring
Plus 10POP3 Email

Customer D :
I am a Designer, web design, I am very familiar with the system
The entire background control will be enough, How can i get it on its own?
Do you Meet my requirements?

You should attend (H1G-A) Aim 1GB ntegrated hosting service
Service includes (H1G-F) + (H1G-E) service, webpage and email sharing 1GB storage space
Infinite flow
Support the database 1 (MYSQL 5), the understanding of the web will be system you

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