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In the 21st century, this era of computer technology developed, in addition to Facebook in this social platform to update the latest developments between friends, but also in the major discussion area ( Uwants、HK Discuss、Gordon, etc.) to view different types of news, such as entertainment, current affairs, sports, music and so on. In addition, the public will be in the discussion area of the forum, initiated discussions, attracted more attention. That is, the discussion area will be an online platform for absorbing and promoting new messages.

In addition to the general web design, we will help customers set up a discussion area of their own. The establishment of the basic discussion area has been able to meet the needs of most of the guests, we hope that an affordable price, to meet the requirements of the guests, for the guests to create an ideal page.

The discussion area is included

Set your own station name Member system Administrator system
Waterproof setting QQ interconnection function Discussion area portal settings
Discussion group group settings Discussion area mobile version  

Promotion period:

1. Waterproof setting
2. Pop3 email service 10
Note: If you need senior designer planning and design, plus HK$500 days

Member system
Each forum has its own unique registration layout and mode, when the registration is complete, members can change their password at any time to reduce the chance of being stolen. Of course, members such as forgetting the password, the discussion area also set the relevant system to prepare for contingencies.

short message
Members can also use the short message function, you can chat with other members in private, to increase the interaction between members.

Post / Vote
In addition, we can be some interesting in life and share or discuss some current affairs topics, you can also vote, collect the views of members, the formation of a positive discussion. In order to attract other members to reply, members can add a URL link in the post , add pictures, etc.

Member space
Each member has an independent personal space, in the personal space inside, members can view or modify the personal information, view their published subject status and reply records. Other members can also leave a message via the message board in the space. The most important thing is that members can publish their personal diary in their own personal space and add photos to the album, for the space to add a lot of fun.

Administrator system
The administrator is the core of every discussion area, because he has the highest authority of the entire site, managing the operation of the entire site.

Internal message
The administrator can leave a message to the moderator and moderator to inform the moderator of the future development of the forum.

Review the forum topics, replies, and users
Members of the forum area from time to time can post and reply, the administrator can be approved posting and reply, so as not to have inappropriate remarks or topics appear. In addition, the audit of the user is also the responsibility of the administrator.

Prohibit users

When a user violates the code of the forum, the administrator can use the authority to prohibit the user posting, reply and other functions.

Disable IP

If the member does not comply with the code for a long time or use the same IP but with a different account login, in addition to prohibit the user, the administrator can directly prohibit the IP login forum.

User rights
Normally, the user's permission in the forum is determined by his user group, but the administrator can also restrict the permissions of a user in a forum.
Default permissions Forced to prohibit Forced to allow

Edit the user
Because members have different permissions, in order to facilitate the administrator to manage the forum, they can edit the user's user group, to upgrade or down.

Subject management
Administrators can manage posts in different sections and modify them for posts.

Recommended topics
When a post is viewed / When the response reaches a certain number, and the post content makes sense, the administrator can recommend the subject, so that other members take note of this theme.

Section edit
Administrators can edit the rules of each section so that each member can observe and maintain the order of each section.

Published a notice
If the discussion area has some important matters to be explained to the members, the administrator can announce the latest news through the announcement.

Management log
In order to facilitate the administrator to know the discussion area bit by bit, they can view the discussion area of the log, see the members in the day in which section, what time, what they did.

Management report
Each section has a report button, if the members found that there are conflicts with the rules of the forum, you can report, and the administrator will know the same time, immediately manage.

Waterproof setting
I believe we have seen a lot of discussion forum was malicious version, and moderators and administrators need to continue to delete the message, maintain the order within the order. But this is a vicious circle that will not be rooted. And anti-irrigation settings can reduce the forum was washed version of the opportunity to reduce the version and the workload of the administrator, Serve two purposes So the anti-irrigation settings will be the major discussion area of the necessary features!

To prevent irrigation robot, intelligent settings include:
- Forces the user to upload an avatar to start an account
- Admin User 's approval

Posting settings include:
- Verification code posting limit
- Q & A verification
- Posting time limit, for example: every hour can only send a post
However, the format of the forum is different. If you have special requirements, you must contact AIM's web salesperson.

QQ interconnection function network.
Through the QQ Internet, the site owners or developers can apply for access QQ login, access to the user login basic information, users use QQ account login access site or app app, through the sharing function, the site content to share QQ, mobile QQ , QQ space, microblogging and other platforms 。

Discussion area portal settings
If you want to have Uwants, HK Discuss and other popular theme interface, discussion area portal settings can help you do not know how to write a discussion area program can also achieve aspirations. In addition, guests can also increase the channel section, greatly increasing the visibility of the discussion area.

Discussion group group settings
With members of the discussion group, members can invite groups of friends to join groups, group discussions, and more personalized groups to facilitate members to manage groups at any time, add or delete other members.

Discussion area mobile version
For the major members can visit the forum anytime, anywhere, AIM ad hoc mobile version of the discussion area! Users can browse through the simple interface, the same content as the same, you can go to the beloved version of the interaction with other members.

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