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Creativity is the key to success
Hong Kong's exhibition business development trend more and more powerful, whether it is product launches, brand exhibition, large shopping malls layout / holiday design, exhibition, the common subway or shopping malls RoadShow, the company's annual party ( Annual Dinner Design ) etc., every year there are large and small exhibitions held. So a creative concept of the exhibition is often the key to successful breakthrough.

Form a team
In addition to our professional design, the design team in addition to the venue space layout, appearance, drawing, flow distribution and so have a professional understanding, the background / behind the scenes need Taiwan, lights, sound, master of ceremonies and lectures, we also have co-production team With. Coupled with the network and multimedia interactive advertising strategy online Marketing, in order to achieve a full range of promotional strategies. Therefore, from the concept of creativity into the physical exhibition process, we must communicate with customers to reach a mutually agreed program.

  Case 1: Le Secret

Commissioned as a set up in the store on the ground of the jewelry shop designed Pop Up Store, because it is not a long-term shops, so the material should be easy to loading and unloading, and to try to limit the resources to achieve effective online publicity role.

exhibition design

  Case 2: Hong Kong International Short Film Festival

This is the Hong Kong International Short Film Festival venue. The design concept is based on the different levels of the box to express the different themes and cultural background of the works.

exhibition design


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