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Corporate Brochure Design, Catalog Design, Annual Report Design, Book Design, and Essential Publications / Leaflet & Flyer Design are all a basic need for a brands or institutions.

In addition to the web design, we are not simply designing the cover and the basic inner page, but it is necessary to know how to fully understand the subject matter of the book or publication through the editorial design, the understanding of the paper material, and even the whole book structure concept. In addition, we also have a familiar printing team, the film, color, draft, to the final printing of the finished technology are fully prepared.

  Case 1: MPFA (MPFA)

Commissioned by the client to design a publicity publication, the target audience is junior high school students, hope that they can through this publication to the MPF has a basic concept and understanding. To prepare for entering the workplace.

The following two design options are submitted to our customers.

Option 1: Focus on campus life
Concept from the customer's cartoon role "Golden Grain", and to make a lot of jokes on the campus story as a packaging, hoping to easily put out the basic knowledge of the MPF

Option 2: Journey to the West
To the story of Journey to the West for the concept of Tang Sanzo and the disciples to Tianzhu take the "Golden Week Teen". Along the way to encounter the monster ghosts, and the need to use the MPF intellectual risk of justice

The purpose is to hope that with a simple way to raise the middle school students raised the understanding of the MPF.

  Case 2: XinRun

XinRun is a garment factory in the Mainland. We are commissioned to design an enterprise publication to introduce the company's background, development and products. We from the color, layout, photography and paper selection, etc., want the whole book to give people a professional feeling.

Cover for them to design a set of cards can be set, both convenient and practical.

  Case 3: Children's Mathematics Society

The Hong Kong Children's Mathematical Society, in a interesting way, teaches the laws and changes in mathematics and induces the potential of students' logical thinking.

Not only to strengthen the students' mathematical foundation, but also to develop their ability to solve the problem, so as to establish a positive self-confidence learning attitude.

  Case 4: Audi mosquito net


Audi to provide professional mosquito net project, the use of King Kong mosquito net, is a new type of Australian imports of materials,

Not only can prevent mosquitoes virus, but also to prevent the pet out of the window.




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