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In the Apps market, the Play Store / App Store Top10 is a great place to watch, and in addition to the quality and functionality of Apps, the highly effective Apps promotion is an important part. Through the UJoin promotion platform, will be more effective and comprehensive increase in Apps exposure and download clicks, quickly boarded the popular Apps throne.    

UJoin promotion platform - Apps promotion program
Silver Plan 1,000 download click / 5,000 download click
Gold Plan 20,000 download click
Platinum Plan 50,000 download click
Diamond Plan 100,000 dowload click

Hong Kong to Hit mobile app:

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Social networking site promotion

The customer's Apps ads on the Facebook site, the use of Facebook's huge user for viral publicity, through its Share with friends, make your Apps ads get a great deal of impressions and download clicks, and use the most up-to-date promotion.

Search platform promotion

Use your UJoin promotion platform to run your Apps ad on Google and Baidu, the world's largest advertising network site, and place your ads on Hong Kong, China, and even the global network of ad networks to provide you with astronomical Great exposure and download clicks.

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