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Content Offer
Hosting service With their own storage Booked with Aim          
language selection Traditional Chinese    traditional Chinese    English    Other Language
Reference site
Website production requirements Personalized website    Design Site    Functional website ( Such as: buy, shop and so on )    Other
Site properties B to B    B to C    C to C   
Website flow source (Such as their own online advertising, EDM promotion, magazines and so on)
Search Login Do not have to do it    Do it yourself    use Aim    Do it yourself,But need advice from Aim
Mobile Version Need Don't Need          
LOGO Trademark Provide it yourself No, afterwards On behalf of Aim , Main Color
The main color of the page Black   Gray   Red   Orange   Yellow   Green   Blue   Purple   White   Other
Expected Website Pages
Special Effect Designs Dynamic classification   Dynamic Button   Dynamic banners   Film   No
Other Functions
Self-help page CMS Page Independent product query function Member function (approval required)
Mouse Effect Product classification function Floor Member function (no approval required)
ICO Member function (no approval required) Shopping cart Function
album Blog Instant payment function
fb share, like 360 degree products display Discount
Form Grid Browsing permissions Print the transaction invoice
Scoring table Enlarge picture function Automatically invoice to the customer
News Update Features Interactive Function QQ, Skype, LC Website product analysis report (sales, order quantity)
Message Board Mobile version switching function Website flow report (IP tracking, search engine source, ad performance))
Button effect E-Newsletter Download function
Normal search function News Update Features Integral
Background music Brand, attribute classification Advance search
Share sitelinks Sorting function Buy function
Comment function Coupon function
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