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reason: ① here are more than 200 countries in the world, how to set up freight?
② Why do some people know where your site exists?
③ A quality product picture, so you increase 75% Of the business customers, what is“Have quality”?
reason: ① How do you successfully build your brand on the site?
② Website flow, does not mean that you can bring business, how reliable site for you to increase business?
③ How to make your website pictures and text know how to speak to the guests, for you on the website for business?
Why is an online store?
Not subject to time and geographical restrictions   Stabilize existing customers
Online marketing not only 24 hours to display goods, company pages and information to enhance the company's visibility, but also allows customers to shop at any time online shop direct payment. To help you at any time contact with customers and suppliers around the world, and through the electronic form of business.   Thanks to regularly updating your store's new products or the latest offers, your loyal customers can browse the latest information on the store anytime, anywhere, to prevent customers from losing every new information, greatly attracting them to the real shop to browse and increase the purchase of the desire.

Expand new sales channels
The rapid development of the Internet, so that the global communication links become close. With the birth of information technology, e-commerce(e-commerce)Has also become a new and popular business model. The meaning of electronic commerce refers to the use of computer network information technology for business development activities.

E-commerce has become one of the major trade links, is the trend of the times. Coupled with the Government's efforts to encourage SMEs to actively use information network services, has been applied to various government departments. In addition, all walks of life also gradually transition computer 化,如以電子郵件作對外或對內部的溝通渠道、製作公司網頁以增加知名度、開設網上商店以增加客源及拓展全球市場等。短短數年間得到政府與各行各業對推動資 訊科技的發展與支持,開拓全球經濟一體化的貿易新渠道。


Build the details of the shop

The process of building a shop is divided into five simple steps, and Aim's professional advisors will also arrange different stages of your guidance to follow your different needs, including the new guest briefing, small class instruction and 1 to 1 secretary guidance Service, so that customers can fully grasp the use of online stores, to help you invest in online professional more handy.
Reduce costs

Open up the online market
As the online store does not require a substantial office location, pavement decoration, cost control easier.
Moreover, since you have a stable inventory and suppliers, you do not need to spend a lot of money to invest, only need to spend hundreds of dollars per month, will be able to open an online store for your shop, looking for more different types of customers , To enhance the current sales turnover.
Online stores can open up new channels for you to help you expand your profile and increase your visibility. You can combine online stores with real shops to make it easier for customers to browse online or order directly on the web.

The rapid development of e-commerce

With the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping in Hong Kong has gradually become popular, not only more and more online stores, the transaction mechanism has gradually been improved, for shoppers to bring convenience. E.g NIELSEN//NETRATINGSInternet users monitoring services in July 2000 conducted a survey, the shopping site in the month there are 51.61 million visits, accounting for 42% of the regular Internet users. The famous shopping site Amazon (AMAZON) and EBAY were attracted to 13.91 million and 11.53 million people, which can reflect the popularity of shopping sites.

Hong Kong online shopping situation

According to FORRESTER RESEARCH published in May 2000 research report shows that by 2004, the global network of business transactions will increase to 69 billion US dollars, of which Asia Pacific accounted for 20%. In terms of online shopping, Lehman Brothers' research report was forecast in April 2000 to increase to 127 million in 2003. As for the online consumption situation in Hong Kong, from the survey conducted by AC NIELSEN in June 2000, Hong Kong's online shoppers spend as much as HK $ 88 million per month, averaging more than $ 1,100 per person. The main age group for shoppers is between 15 and 35 years old (78%) and 5% of the regular Internet users.
Hong Kong people to buy books, groceries, food, clothing, CD-ROM and computer hardware and software.
In fact, due to the limited restrictions on e-commerce in Hong Kong, and the infrastructure is more perfect, the development prospects of online shopping is very impressive.
In addition, Hong Kong Internet users are very carefully planned shoppers. A survey released by the Model Market Research Institute in July 2000 showed that there were 36% of Internet users in Hong Kong by Just look at the price online, and then to other places to buy goods. Of the 27 countries surveyed, the consumer behavior was most evident in Hong Kong.


Mainland China 's electronic commerce

In recent years, the development of e-commerce in mainland China is also very fast. In 2000, the average consumption per person in mainland China is about RMB 300, and the purchased goods are based on computer products, books, discs, CDs, electrical appliances, beauty products and flowers.
The survey also found that only 40% of online users in online shopping in 2003 were satisfied with online transactions, compared with the global average of 90% of the Internet users a lot less satisfaction. And Chinese Internet users are generally worried about the security of online payments, so more than 70% of individual customers will use cash on delivery (Cash on Delivery, COD) way to shop. This is the urgent need to solve the development of e-commerce in the Mainland.

Online shopping problems

In fact, Hong Kong's online store also need to face the following questions:

Consumers are wary of online shopping, including fear of compromising transaction information and whether the business is trustworthy.
Hong Kong is very convenient to buy things, not necessarily pay attention to online store services.
Online shoppers' shopping habits and business requirements will change with the development of e-commerce, businesses should continue to meet the tastes of consumers.
Therefore, in order to survive, visionary businesses are constantly improving the service and operating conditions, which of course, is very beneficial to consumers.

Payment and picking method

“Hand delivery”Is the most common way of trading in the real world, but in the virtual world of the network, in addition to some can be transmitted through the network of software, pictures, information and video clips, the vast majority of goods can not achieve this form Trading, so can only use a more indirect way.

Online payment can be done using the following methods:

  1. check
  2. Bank savings
  3. Now settled
  4. credit card
  5. electronic wallet
  6. Transfer the account to an invoice
  7. Virtual currency
The above methods of payment have their own advantages and problems, the following one by one discussion.

Design an effective online store
· Improve 90% of the business design of the home page
· Professor, service shipping set
· Open payment account (paypal, Paydolla, Visa,)

shopping system
Member system Shopping system Multilayer product system Currency exchange rate calculation discount Message function
Search system Language Latest Products Youtube plugin Payment methods Warehousing
Online Consultancy Services | Ecommerce Consulting Service

Online promotion planning consultant,Teach guests how to set up online stores to set up collection accounts online payment
Professor how to free online advertising website (yahoo, google, 88db) out of the site, the establishment of online brand image
To provide a network marketing plan, teach how to develop online market (Strategy Suggestion)
Analysis of the site, the proposed effective long tail (seo, ppc) keywords, thereby increasing the actual turnover rate
Provide the search engine in the major search finder sorting seo service method, increase the natural location appears (infinite click)
Provide an effective way to create a website,Reduce the cost of web design


· Guide the communication skills of online business
· Teach how to develop online market
· How to conduct business in the popular auction network and improve the popularity of the product
· Online Auction Black Strategy Professor
· Help to find online buyers and agents, increase the amount of stable business
· How to advertise free ads on major free advertising sites


· Provide useful information about online promotion in the near future
· On behalf of the management of Yahoo, Google ... sponsorship site
· Ad Ranking Service (not including advertising)
· In the major popular website display site


① Real-time video recording
② Can analyze each guest's behavior pattern
③ You can know the click distribution of the site
④ The form of the network filled the situation
Unlimited capacity support
10 email addresses
Support unlimited traffic
Provide web site with data backup
24-hour page stability monitoring
3 to 9 hours per month page changes
3 to 9 hours a month web design changes