General web company web design services, the cost does not include hosting services, the final hidden charges tend to be higher than the budget! CM2800 exclusive design page has included the necessary services, suitable for most of the customer needs. At the discount price, for your ideal design of the page.
 CM2800 content include :
‧ Fixed 7 units of A4 size of the page production ‧ 1 page template selection
‧ The number of product photos is 20 sheets ‧ Static banners design 1
‧ Automatic email response form 1 ‧ Trademark production 1 (plain text)
In addition to CM2800, there are other value-added services, some concessions to send more: 
First year web hosting service (hosting service includes this web page database)
Do not provide FTP services, such as the need to provide FTP services, plus HK $ 1500 a year (capacity 1G)
Pop3 email service 10 
Searchers such as Yahoo, Google, MSN, and so on
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Note: If you need senior designer planning and design, can be quoted separately
Lido Group Nice Capital Group
Angel's Aroma
NailNail HK
HK Baby Sitter

Web browser with the company's first step, that is, from the beginning of the page, we understand that the first impression is how important.

So we sincerely launched CM2800 an exclusive design plan for the company tailor-made a completely owned by their own exclusive company's website, filling the company's unique style and characteristics. And our service is the best price and the most reasonable price to provide customers with the most perfect service. We will use a one-time fixed offer model, the sincerity of the company to provide a completely personalized website of the exclusive design services.

CM2800 exclusive web design process:
First of all, our professional team will understand the characteristics of the company's own industry and corporate characteristics, and then collect the company's requirements and ideas for the page, as well as the required style. Our professional web designers will be based on the information as a blueprint for the design, the company will be integrated into the idea of the page. Finally, the company's ideal page will be born
, Is a unique and completely highlight the company with different characteristics of the distinguished page.

In order to speed up your company's website to complete the progress and design requirements, is a one-on-one design services, direct designer independent follow-up page requirements, exclusive design business website! If you want to know more, please call 22430803 With the sales department colleagues query page quote, thank you!